A short RPG Maker Game about a girl trying to deal with her problem - by going into an abandoned house.

Content Warning: 

  • occasional screen shakes and flashes 

(if you find more, please let me know)


  • 3 Endings (Bad, Normal and True)
  • Playtime: 40 min - 1,5 h 
  • ~ 9000 words
  • Voice acting in the intro and all endings 
  • 4 CGs with variants

Arrowkeys to move
Enter to confirm
Shift to run
Esc-Key to open menu

This game was made in ~ 10 day for the Narrative Driven Jam #5.

1.1 is the most recent version!
I'm leaving the Game Jam version up as a keepsake :')

If you've played it, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or writing me a DM over at insta!

Tilesets: LimeZu
Voice: fnaxy25 
Music: Stefan Großmann
Soundeffects: Zapslat , Eric Matyas
Plugins: Terrax (TerraxLightning)
Characters: Celeptipus and Kathinka.png 
Story and Art: Kathinka.png

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing, Visual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Anime, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour


Mansion Tour - 1.1 - Win.zip 127 MB
Mansion Tour - 1.1 - Mac.zip 0 bytes
Spoilerfree Walkthrough + Battletips + Afterword + Credit.pdf 81 kB
Mansion Tour_GAME JAM VER_Windows.zip 196 MB
Mansion Tour_GAME JAM VER_MacOS.zip 332 MB

Install instructions

Just extract the .ZIP-file and click on Game in the folder.

I hope you'll have fun playing (^^)/

Development log


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so like, are these the same characters from the game ZAG or what?

yups! The games are connected (Zag plays a bit after Mansion Tour)

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I really loved this game. 

Spoiler: I wanted to ask if Mickey is actually connected to your game ZAG and if both games are set in the same world.

No se si es problema de mi compu o algo, pero a cada rato se traba, sin importar que toque se queda congelado, que hago? AYUDA

i didn't play this in a long time it was soooo good!! also the boss with shadow man is sooo annoying 

You just reminded me that I also need to replay this game omg

Also so real, he's annoying<3

why does the first voice you hear sound like female rythian from the yogscast

No idea who that is, but the VA for this game is a mutual on insta^^


I loved this game! the illustarations are so cute! btw i got the true ending! but are there more endings?

btw i luv all your games!

Thank you so much!! How sweet <33 

There are two more endings! 

(Bad End -> Get caught by the first shadow

Normal End -> Run out of the house while beings chased by the first shadow)


omggggg  ahaha  I got the true end !!!! the gameplay was so fun and the characters were so likeable!!! The fairies are adorable and they are drawn so well` ^v^  I've been wanting to play this ever since I saw you post in on instagram a while back but I wasnt really into games!!! BUT I LOVEEEEEEEEE THISSSSSSSSSSSS and now i'm gonna play all the games u got coz u put so much love into them ^u^ <3

Omg, thank you for taking the time to play my games!!!!! I'm really happy to hear that you liked this game ^^ It was my first game and as such is very dear to me 💖💖 (Also really happy that you liked the charas hehe... They're my cuties <333)

I hope you'll enjoy my other games, too :33


As someone who's working on their own RPG right now, this was pretty inspiring! It's already helped me with a few things.

The intro to the game already had me liking it, because of the little fire mystery it set up. Then the shadows just being a cool concept in general made me run straight into the first one of the game expecting a fight... I uh, I died but I figured it out later...

The fairies and mirror world were pretty intriguing too. It kept me coming back to see if there was any new dialogue I might've missed before I proceeded, and I also liked the art.

Very good job!


Thank youu, I'm happy you found this inspiring :3c

I hope you found any additional dialog... I remember adding some after releasing this game^^ 

Also chasing scenes are obligatory in RPGM games... To the first shadow had to be unbeatable >:)

I'll keep that last part in mind... and maybe since you're like a professional you could give input when I release my RPG? Because I want it to be good... also, In the game I did notice the players sprites don't really match with the tiles... like, the resolution is higher for her, is there a reason for this?

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Greetings Kathinka!

Somehow I looked up a horror game but ended up playing Mansion Tour and fell hard for it though it's just a short game. I can't help feeling sad when the game ended and I wish it were much longer.

Storytelling and magic-related RPG is just my cup of tea and you did great work!! I love the story and the character design (especially Boss, oh, and Odin is too handsome I started to imagine him ending up with Boss lol).

Love also the fighting parts which are interesting enough while not too hard. I prefer that way because I'm practically bad at fighting games hehe.

The background music is amazingly good fitting the game perfectly <3

Thank you for such an enjoyable game.

If you're ever going to create a sequel with expanding story of Mickey and the fairy world and more characters it would be awesome!!

P.S: Just curious is the voice at the beginning yours? It sounds good, lovely tone and easy to hear.


Hello Peiriarin^^

Thank you very much for your sweet review <3 It's a total delight to know that you enjoyed this game so much!

I do want to make a sequel one day - though no idea when that will be :')) Maybe I'll try to release sth for it's 2. anniversary hahaha 

Also yeah, I made the fights like that, because I'm also quite bad at it... Good to know that I'm not alone hahahaa

And since you called Odin handsome.... Here's a doodle of him I did in January :3 

Tho I'm very sorry to say that Boss and Odin don't get together, sorry 🙏 Odin already has a family of his own hahaha

The voice acting was done by a friend on instagram! I put their acc in the credits^^

Like I said: Thank you v much for your comment and have a nice day!! (^v^)/

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Thank you so much for such a cute sketch. I love your design of his eyes <3

It's okay there'll be no romance between him and Boss, just my imagination goes wild sometimes :)) 

And there was one character mentioned but never seen, the Mirror Queen. I'm curious how she looks like. It would be great if she's officially introduced in the next sequel. 

Let's not forget about the Young Lady also. I would love to know more about back when Boss and the Lady were living in the mansion together. And how it ended (இ﹏இ`。)

I'm feeling excited already (≧∇≦*)


His eyes are his favorite part to me hehe :3

The Mirror Queen is a melancholic character... She's very sad hahaha. Sadly I have no sketch for her, but she prefers to take the appearance of the person looking into the mirror^^

I have a sketch for the young lady, though! She was Boss' twin sister and generally a kind soul... To bad what happened to her and Boss TvT 

Man thanks again for being so interested in the lore of this game!! It really makes me want to make a sequel for it >v<

The little fairies are SO CUTE. The fire one's my fav! And Boss... so pretty.......


Oh yes, Boss Supremacy<3


( ˘ ³˘)♥


Very cute and fun game! I enjoyed the story and found the lore interesting


Ohh thank you!! I'm glad you liked this game :3c

Help? I walked into the prison and now I'm stuck and can only move left to right but not forward or backward

Are you sure you're stuck? The hallway is very long, so maybe you haven't walked far enough?

I'm sure, I run into a wall on either side

Do you mean the walls left and right or up and down?

If it's the walls left and right: Just go up! 

If it's the walls up and down: On what system do you play? (Web, Windows, Mac, Linux)

When I go too far left or right, there's a wall. When I press the up or down arrow, the character turns but won't move. I'm on web

I've tried the game on web and there don't seem to be any problems for me? 

Here's a video of what should happen.

I'm very sorry to say, but I have no idea how to help you... There are some Let's Plays of the game on YT,  if you're still interested in knowing the ending TvT

Hello! Please ignore why I don't have a pfp anyways I really liked the game I was a little shocked that I would have to fight like that and was more shocked when the shadow man took a bunch of hits but did not really die it frustrated me a little but hey all is well when it ends well

I'm glad to hear that you liked this game :D 

At least you were able to beat the shadow man... Even if he was a bit more difficult ;)

Hi Kathinka :)

I do not know how I did not noticed this one before 😮

It was a nice surprise, I love the story and the characters are cute 🥰

The tilesets are pretty good too 

Great job! 😊 


Hi Anwynn :D

That just happens, don't worry :') But I'm very happy to hear that you liked this game! (And the charas! Mickey is my fav protag so far UvU)

I bought the tileset :D (The person is in the credits)

Thank you <333

Play time just about 1h, but the time to make this game maybe took a month or more?

No, it took me ~10 days^^ It was a lot of work tho lmao

looks like i'm going to play this after i done all the game i just download, i have been download much till i find this, i think my laptop gonna broken by me XD

Lmao, I feel you xD

Don't forget to delete games you've already played, so that you have more space for new games!


i will XD

Hi! I basically was trying to play all the games I saw, including this one! I can explain what this was about, I think I didn't understand everything I played in this game, but I know kind of most of it! I can tell you when I get the chance to. Byeeee!


Don't pressure yourself lmao 
I just hope you're having fun while playing^^
Also the story isn't that deep X'D If u have any question, you can just ask me^^

kk!!!!! well yeahhhh I am having a lot of fun I really want you to make more!!!


omg i loved this! this was adorable, i do hope you make a sequel or an epilogue, I have many unanswered questions. Thank you for making this free and able to be played on web! <333 - Ray

I'm super glad you liked it!!!^^

I do plan on making a sequel, but I wanna experiment with different types of games first, before I actually work on that UvU


This was so cute! Not going to lie, the very beginning had me stuck for a moment, but after figuring the first key out it was super smooth sailing! These characters have such well-written personality, I loved getting to see their story. Thanks for an awesome game <3

Yeah, I can see why the beginning can be confusing ^^" But I wanted the instructions there tobe a bit vague, cuz it determines what ending you get x'D 

I'm also very glad to hear that you liked my charas :DD Thank you <33

Well, I finished the game and I got all of the endings, and I really enjoyed it. I liked the world-building, the artwork and the characters, especially W. She was able to be cool, spunky and silly all at the same time, and I enjoyed her conversations with Mickey. I also liked how the enemies in this game were difficult, but not impossible, to beat, as this made the combat really engaging, and I really liked the attack system. Taking damage in order to gain OM is a really interesting system, and I wish that more RPGs used something similar. I have to say that even though I like the True Ending, the Normal Ending is definitely my favourite, because what Mickey does in the Normal Ending is one of the most sensible things I have ever seen an RPG Maker protagonist do. Anyway, I really enjoyed this game, and I would definitely recommend it.


I'm super glad you also liked this game (^v^)/ I'm especially happy that you like the world-building, cuz this game is part of a story that's dear to me^^ W. is also one of my all-time favs, so... Good taste UvU

The OM-battle system is actually called TP-battle system and I think there are some games out there that use it! (But I couldn't name one rn)

And I totally agree on the normal end! I always end up thinking that way when I play RPGM-Games, where the protag is stuck in a house or sth... So I included that ending in my game x'D (Also I'd def just run away if I was her)


Yeah. If I were stuck in a haunted mansion, I would just run out the front door, and if it were locked, I would just jump out one of the windows on the first floor! Well, I really did like the world this game is set in, and I liked how it was introduced and built-on by the characters. This world full of shadows, fairies, mirror beings and gods is a really interesting one, and I would love to see more of it. 

If I was left in that mansion I would be spooked:)

Well I probably thought in the first place that Healing Chant & Binding Thorns was the most useful to me^w^ I actually might save my Healing Chant next time^-^ It's hard fighting the boss without Healing Chant^w^

Yeah, Binding Thorns is the most powerful spell^^
And I heard about ppl having no Heals left . That's sth I'd fix for the next Fighting Game I make...

This game is a lot of fun. I really like your designs with the characters showing up when they talk. I love each fairy and Mickey. I pretty much wish I had magic :)  I almost play the game every single day, and I'm really happy I got to defeat the Shadow Man. Is it if you defeat the Shadow Man and he becomes a good person?

Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoy my game (^v^)/
I feel the same about magic, haha. Who wouldn't want it?  :')
Also sry, but the Shadow Man only gets worse from now on TvT He's not a good person...

oh i guess im kinda tiny brain ^_^

Who cares? We live and we learn!

Yeah I forgot

Really enjoyed this, the getting damaged to gain attack system was very interesting as well, nice work!

Thank you very much, I'm very glad you liked it :D

The attack-system is the TP-system from RPG Maker. I also thought that it was interesting, so I used it in this game :3

somehow i cant get more DM in the boss fight?

That is because there is no way to recover DM in the game.  :o

If you have trouble fighting the boss, here are some tips:
* Guard reduces the damage you receive + gives you more OM -> you can attack faster
* If there are multiple enemies, use Binding Thorns / If there's only one enemy, use Fireball

I hope that could be of any help TvT If not, please let me know!

aw man, it kinda sucks because sometimes, even with guard, im so close to dying anyway, the only thing i needed then was the healing chant

(1 edit)

Oh, I see! In that case, here's a link to a game, where Mickey has full HP/DM before the Boss-fight:

(I deleted the link - if anyone needs it, just tell me)

You just need to normally download it, open the game and continue the first save file!
I hope that that could help you  :3 (If not, pls let me know^^)


Very Very Nice Game It Kinda mad me a bit more happy just playing it ^w^

Awww that's a very sweet review! ✿✿
I'm very glad that my little game made you happy <33

Hello!! Time to give the love this game deserves!!!!

(Sorry for the late review!) ;w;

Well, I enjoyed it!!

The hybrid of classic rpg maker vibes, visual novel, and jrpg fighting is so unique and nothing I've ever experienced before :0

Gosh I liked the fighting parts it's so fun??The need to get attacked first to collect MP is such an interesting concept!! :0 

I think if you were to make a full action-packed game, it woud be super fun and challenging to play XD

The art! Gosh. I want to argue it's OBJECTIVELY georgeous ;w;

I already loved your artstyle the first time I bumped into your account and to finally see it in a game? Such eye candy!!

Music choices were also great! There are NO moments where I felt it was weirdly placed for the situation, it just fits so well! :0

Maybe I would've liked if there are more Sound Effects to further liven up the scenes? :3

The story, I think this seems just like a little peek or a beginning of something, something much bigger, I am left with so many questions :0

What I found specifically brilliant is the fairy gang, as in, gangster gang lmao

When I first saw Boss I was like, daw she's so pretty! The "Boss" title doesn't suit you maam, you should be called "madam" or "m'lady", this is not some sort of shady organization or anyth-

It is 🗿

Screw that idea of some cute magical fairies protecting and loving of their sisters, they're fairy yakuzas! XD

Well, I would definitely like to see more details of the plot and the rest of your universe in general in your future works :D 

Especially the fairy gang! Are you open for new members? 👀

Hope this review helps!! :D

Hii!! Don't worry, I see this as a little Christmas present hehe UvU

Thank you soso much for your feedback! It did help me + I'm super glad you liked it!

I was always interested in the fighting system of RPG Maker, so ofc I had to include that :^) I chose the TP-fighting system because it's not your usual fighting system so you have to think more about your moves (and it makes the battles a bit longer XD) I def wanna include more fights in my following games!!
The visual novel aspect only happened tho, cuz I can't shut up :^)

Also thank you so much for this compliment!!! While there are some CGs that I don't like too much, I'm also pretty proud of the art UvU

I did change the music a bit, but it's nothing too noticeable... But I'm glad you think so :o Choosing the right music is always so hard >0<
And I'll make sure to include more sound effects!! (I tried to do that, but gave up halfway through xD)

It totally is!! There is so much to the story my friend and I build xD
The fairy gang was always a present concept in our story, but Boss is actually a new chara! I put her in, so I can finally build a bit more on that concept (and draw a pretty lady xD)

Oh, I just love your reaction!!! (That's also the kind of reaction I was hoping for when writing Boss xDD She is a total boss!! Her sister was more of a lady tho UvU)

The fairies will welcome you as their sister if you're a) a fairy or b) useful... So maybe you do have a chance :^)

Thank you again for your wonderful feedback, it was a delight to receive!! :D

(1 edit) (-1)

I came for the one-off video, I stayed for the story. I only wanted to record 1 video to showcase this game, but I couldn't leave it at that, I had to know what happened next! There's a few misses here and there, but personally I didn't mind and it didn't break the game or lead us away from the story. I liked it!

This is part 1:

That's super nice to hear, especially cuz I made this for a narrative-focused game jam!! :DD Also really glad that you liked it UvU

Your LP was also very interesting to see. I think you were the first one who actually thought of running out of the house first x'DD So congrats on finding that ending so early!
Also, if you didn't already pre-record the rest of the game: As a tip, you can run if you press the Shift-Key while walking!! And I#d recommend playing the latest version of the game (cuz there are fewer mistakes and bugs. You can just take over your save file^^)

All in all, thank you for your comment and I'm looking forward to part 2 (^v^)/


You can play this game on your android with JoiPlay Emulator

This game was amazing! I really love the characters and the plot. It was simple but very interesting. You also went out of your way to provide voice acting for the endings and the intro which was really cool! The combat although simple was enhanced as the game progressed which was a really nice touch and the final boss fight was also quite fun! The true ending seems like its pointing to a sequel of some kind and would actually like to see it! Loved this game and hope you continue making more games like this :D!


What a nice comment - thank you a lot!! (^^)/ I'm glad you liked the charas and plot (though I think that the charas are a bit more interesting than the plot xD) 

I'm also really lucky that I had someone voice the lines for me... I would have liked to voice all lines, but that's waaay too much text TvT

I'm also glad you liked the fights^^ The way you fought the boss battle was v interesting - saving up a lot of OM and then attacking with all the magic attacks! I think your LP is the fastest, too x'D

Yeps, a sequel is in the works, but that could take a while :')

This was a very well written and interesting story. I enjoyed it a lot. I especially liked it having voiced scenes in it. Keep up the great work! 

Thank you so much for your comment and your LP^^ I'm glad you liked it!!

What a lovely game you have here, I was very delighted at the beginning with nicely voiced lines and amazing art, then we got magic and a fun battle system? perfect but then we become part of the FAIRY MAFIA? simply perfect!

my only pseudo complaint would be that at times there is so much text and lore before we get to keep playing but that was mostly because I was reading all the lines and my voice was giving up because I am weak. Not really the games fault.

9/10 I love this game and all my new sisters.


Thank you for your comment and your LP! (^^)/ I'm super glad that you liked this game! (Sorry for making you read so much, though x'D)

"Well I'm gay, but I can also light things up with my hands."  This sentence describes Mickey perfectly xDD

Also, I think you're the first one to call the fairies "fairy mafia" and that just made me laugh because that's what I also like to call them! They're all your sisters now (or your wife - depending on how far you wanna go with Boss xDDD)

And I agree with you, there's a lot of text and not soo much gameplay... That's cuz I had a limited amount of time and no ideas for puzzles left after writing the whole script... And I even left some backstory out haha

(1 edit)

Looks good, will play and edit my comment to review

ok so

good game, liked it. ill go over what i disliked and liked.

so dislikes . sprites dont fit the tilesets . music for the shadow man boss was too dramatic imo. i feel like electro swing  or smth

stuff i liked . art was good. good story. fun puzzles. good gameplay

in total: 7/10, rlly good :]


I thank you a lot for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it and I'm happy with your total score :3

I'll def take your dislikes into consideration for my new game^^


First 50 minutes of going through Mansion Tour, I'm really loving the game so far! ^o^


I'm super glad to hear that :DD

Thank you for making an LP - I really enjoyed your commentary so far^^ I like how you interact with the text in the game :D 

Also just some random thoughts to your LP:
* Mickey is really named after Mickey Mouse(and her brother after Winnie Pooh x'D)

* Guarding in battle brings you a little more OM than attacking

* The walking animations are so minimal cuz I'm lazy qvq

*Thx for pointing out grammar issues/mistakes! English is not my first language and Grammarly can only help to a certain extend

So all in all, I really enjoyed your LP and I'm looking forward to part 2 (^v^)/


Only got the true ending in Part 2, glad you enjoyed watching the let's play! ^o^ 


Finally got around to watching this! Great vid as always!! :3
"True End doesn't actually mean happy end" - This is def true... Mickey will have to face a lot of (magical) trouble in the future :')

Also, the other two endings are actually at the very beginning of the game... And both are rather short x'D

Thank you again for your nice LP! It was very fun to watch you play my game :DD

I know this comment isn't actually A positive comment but I got the true end by accidentally glitching. ;--;

Oh no, I'm so sorry that happened T-T

Did you click on a wall and then had a yes/no choice? If yes, then that was my shortcut to work on the True end - I forgot to take it out >.<

If that's not what happened, could you tell me what you did?

(1 edit)

I liked this game a lot! This game is very dialogue heavy, it’s much closer to a visual novel than a traditional RPG Maker Game. Combat wise, there’s nothing too complicated. The characters and lore set up make me interested to see more!

Some feedback:

-When using the skill Binding Thorns, the sound effect sounds pretty raw and harsh.

-When walking, the character doesn’t have left or right walking animations.

-Some minor spelling/grammar issues.

Regardless, great work on this!


Thank you so much for your detailed comment! I'm so glad that you liked it!!

It was very exciting to see someone play my game, so thanks for your LP, too! While watching I also discovered some spelling mistakes and bugs(e.g. how the blue fairy doesn't heal you on your first encounter), so it was also super helpful! But I'm sorry for making you read so much x'D

The combat sounds all still seem pretty loud, even though I already turned them a bit down... So I'll def look into that!

There's a walking animation for the sides, but it's very minimal (because I'm lazy).

There's still a ton of lore to explore, so I'll def make a sequel (though I haven't decided if it will be a direct sequel or just set in the same world). I hope you'll also play that one if it released^^