1.1 version + playable in browser update

Heyho! (^v^)/

Maybe you've noticed, but I've added browser plays to this game! I'm so glad that it finally worked (especially cuz there are some websites that ripped of my game so you can play it online <.<)

Also a big thank you to Hon!! They helped me fix some spelling mistakes and bugs in the new version and were overall a really sweet person <33 Feel free to check  some out UvU

And at last, here's a doodle of Mickey's fairy form!! I didn't have time to include her in the base game, but maybe this will come up in one of the sequels?



Mansion Tour - 1.1 - Win.zip 127 MB
Dec 18, 2021
Mansion Tour - 1.1 - Mac.zip 0 bytes
Dec 18, 2021

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