Thx for 750+ downloads + Update on next games

Heyho (^^)/

First of all, thank you so much for over 700 downloads QvQ I never thought that so many people would play my game >v<

Moreover, this game is now already 4 months old!! Gosh... Time flies by so quickly TTvTTIn that time frame, I've actually started making 2 more games: "Parking Lot Encounter" and "Rewritten".

Parking Lot Encounter

"Help a stranger you met on a supermarket parking lot find her "good luck charm"."

You play as Cassandra (the redhead), who meets the mysterious Rose and helps her find sth very precious to her (Spoiler: It's the Dagger on the table xD). It's a typical puzzle RPGM-Game... Number-Locks, Switches and even a "Push a chair"-puzzle! (No fights tho)

However, I've stopped the development of this game.
The way I told their story just didn't match the image I had for them in my head, so I didn't finish it.  Moreover, I just didn't like the graphics... I'm not very skilled at pixel art, so I didn't like the tilesets I made.
In the end, I'll probably turn their story into a visual novel or sth... I think that'd fit them the best^^ (+ I'll change the name to "Nightly Encounter" or sth like that)


"Find the author, who wrote your entire life story... and make them stop."

The title screen is in German (cuz I'm writing it in German first x'D) Tho you can already see, that it'll be a game in grey^^ My main goal was to find an alternative to the pixel-tilesets (I just didn't like at all).... and I'm pretty happy with my solution:

I just totally prefer the sketchy/rough look so much more :D (Also the walking animation looks so much better now lmao)
My plan is to release the game this month with a German and English translation^^ It will be a rather short game with two routes (the script for one route is already finished with ~3k words, so I think it will have way fewer words than Mansion Tour had... and a bit more puzzle ;3)

And that's it from me^^ A sequel to Mansion Tour (and Mickey's story overall) is kinda in the works, but I want to get a bit better at making games first. She matters to me a lot, so I want to do my best with her^^


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Oh wow Rewritten is looking very cool, excited for when it releases!

Thank you! I hope you'll like it ^^