1.0 version update

Hello everyone! (^v^)/

I've finally fixed everything I've mentioned in the previous devlog + some other stuff!

These things include:

  • accidentally getting the True End
  • Blue Fairy not healing you
  • battle music being too loud
  • a voice line fix(thx again at my lovely VA!!)
  • lots  of spelling mistakes! 
  • mentions of a new chara 
  • extra dialog if you want to go and look for the basement

I think that's everything so far! 
There are probably still some spelling mistakes in the game... If you find something, I'd be very thankful if you'd tell me!!

And at last... a lil' pic I drew for the last scene :3

- Kathinka


Mansion Tour_1.0_Win.zip 194 MB
Nov 18, 2021
Mansion Tour_1.0_Mac.zip 330 MB
Nov 18, 2021

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