You're visiting an old temple. Do you wish to make an offering?


A short puzzle RPG-Maker Game made with washitape graphics. This was made in a week.

More examples of my washitape art can be found here and here.

Content Warning: 

  • occasional screen shakes and flashes 
  • an abstract depiction of an open ribcage


  • 1 Ending
  • Playtime: ~ 15 min
  • ~ 3000 words
  • 4 CGs
  • +  an art-book (10 pages)

Controls- Mobile:

Touch screen with one finger - walk around/interact/confirm
Touch screen with two fingers at once - open menu /back

Controls- PC:

Arrowkeys to move
Enter to confirm
Shift to run
Esc-Key to open menu


Music: Eric Matyas
Sound Effects: RPG MAKER, Zapsplat, Obsidianx, Eric Matyas
Plugin: mjshin
Latin American Spanish Translation: Alejandro Aguilar
Playtesters: , Tina , Lyroko

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(137 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Visual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBT, RPG Maker, Short, Yuri
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesGerman, English, Spanish; Latin America
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


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Walkthrough + Artbook You&Me.pdf 1 MB
You And 132 MB
You And 268 MB
You And Me - WIN - 132 MB
You And Me - MAC - 268 MB
You And Me -win - Latin American 132 MB
You And Me - MAC - Latin American 343 MB

Development log


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A short, yet sweet game. I love the character designs, and the mini-puzzles using RPG-like mechanics! Overall, a solid and beautiful game!


such a lovely game :) i could play in over and over again.


Thank you, that's so sweet <3

(1 edit) (+1)

it brought a tear to heavy's eye. like no joke i'm crying

i loved i

I'm glad you liked it :') Thank u for playing!!


rlly cute :


Lovely story ^^


this was so cute!!!!


this was beautiful, i think i mightt cry




i absolutly love the textures in thhis game, it reminds me of a collage!! i love it sm

Aww thank you!! That's kinda what I was going for :3


This game was so fun to play!!! My chat and I were screaming!! 


Ohh this LP was super fun to watch :DD I think you're the first LPer, who knew that this was a GL-game, too?? x'D

Anyways thanks a ton for playing - I loved seeing your reactions + your lil avatar is super cute :3


Thank you so much!!!! Your game was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super excited to play more of your games!!!! <3


This game is so beautiful! The washi tape art is so unique, and I can't get enough of it. Despite being short the game is very sweet :) I'd love to see more of your work!

I'm always happy to hear when ppl like the washitape-asthetic hehe

Also thanks UvU I'm very happy to hear that... I hope you'll like the sequel (if it ever comes out lmao)


super cute!


Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?



Adorable game, awesome story, I really wanna know what happens with them afterwards!!


Ahh thank you!! 

After the game they get together, adopt a random kid and are very happy and very in love UvU (But fr I do wanna put them in another game some time in the future TvT)


yehhh i wanna hear more abt them (: love ur games btw


Incredibly based


Hey Kathinka, absolutely loved the story for You & Me. After playing this and Good Job, I can't help but think of another one of my favourite shoujo ai games, Bad End Theatre. Where did you get the inspiration for these stories anyway?

The art style is absolutely adorable, and I'm pretty sure I squeeled internally at most of the scenes. It's stories like these that really put a smile to my face, and I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Keep doing what you're doing!


Hi Lionel, I'm very happy to hear that!! :D

NomnomNami (Dev of BE Theather) has always been a super big inspiration to me!! (They are also one of the reasons I got into Shoujo Ai U//v//U) Otherwise I just like writing/drawing fantasy and gay-stuff haha 

Also thanks for telling me that!! Hearing (and in this case seeing) that other ppl enjoyed my game makes me so happy!!!
I hope you'll like my next games, too :3


soooo adorable <3


this is actually so cute omg


omg thank you UvU

lol godess simp

great game, really liked it

Hahaha totally x'D 

I'm happy to hear that^^


one word. bootiful.


this is SO CUTE!!!


Ahhh this was so cute! I wish I could see some more from this game though lol, but it was really fun and I love the rpgmaker part of it! Really took me back to the 2000s-2010s game making scene! Haha!

Ahh thank you!! UvU 

I do wanna make a (kinda) sequel in the future!! Mostly because I wanna use washitape in a game again x'D But who knows when I have the time for that;;


ooo that would be so cool!!!  I can't wait for any game you make next!!!

After playing Good Job!, I had to check out some of your other games, and I'm glad I did because this one is good. Straightforward and sweet.

Also...the girl not thinking "straight"...come on, I hope you weren't intending to slip that under my radar because it didn't ;)

This game's style is gorgeous. I can not express this enough. I enjoyed having some puzzles to get through and the pure wholesomeness of the story altogether. Wonderful job! 


Awww this game so cute, why dont you turn it to a Dōjinshi?

Can i have the art work too?


Ohh thank you 💕

I don't really know how to draw doujinshi/comics, so I can't really do that :') But well, maybe one day  :3

And what do you mean with that?


Don't be afraid my buddy, i belive you good at yuri comic. Maybe you will be famous with your art style :3


Haha thank you <3 That's very sweet of you to say!

Maybe I'll try it one day in the future^^


What a cute and fun game! And also the art?? It was so cute! It must have been hard to create it in just a week but oh my god it was soooo worth it!


Awww thank you so much!! U//v//U Yeah, it was very hard (and time-consuming), but working on sth you like is always fun, too :D

Also, I'm very happy that you liked my art and charas!! :3


That was adorable! I loved it so much and the story is sweet

Thank you! I'm very happy you liked it! :DD


Super cute little game!! Art and music is beautiful, shocked this was made in a week, its amazing!

Thank you very much! And yeah, I worked a lot on this game in that week :') The story may be short, but creating all the art was sooo time-consuming! (and a ton of fun hehe)


omgg!!! this was so cute i loved it sm!! the washi art is such a nice touch and it really added a lot!

omg hi Alli! I'm very happy that you liked this :DD

Also yeah, putting washitape into this game was prob one of my best ideas ever >:3c

the game download doesn't work on imacs rn for me

Oh my friend had a similar issue on her mac once, too... Have you tried downloading the and launching my game from there?

If that doesn't work, just play it in the browser :') 


that was so cute!!


this is so cute omg


nice game


This whole game was really cute! The only problem I have with it is that it was too short :( Loved the story and the art with the washi tapes :3


Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it :3

But yeah I know, it's v short TvT That's because this was more of a test for me^^


Well that was damn cute *w*


cute game =)

Thx for playing!!! I'm glad you liked it ૮ ₍ ⸝⸝´ ꒳ `⸝⸝ ₎ა

I want to pay for this


Then pay? X'D

(1 edit) (+2)

Maybe they do not have ways to pay 🤔


Ohhh, I see! Yeah, that could be it :oc

ah yes you see I’m broke 


Ohhh, I see!! Don't worry about money tho, I'm just happy if you enjoyed playing my game :33


Honestly, this was one of the best games I've played on here! The story was awesome and the artwork and music were awesome as well!


Aw, thank you<33

I feel really honoured that you like my game that much :3




Ahhh thank you!! I'm glad you liked the game!! (and my art u////u)


story? adorable! art? also adorable!!


This comment? lovely <3

Thank you (^^)/

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