THX for 10K plays + spin off(?)

Hello everyone (^v^)/

This game reached 10K plays and 100 ratings, which is just insane to me?? Thanks to everyone who played this QvQ I only started working on this because of a random idea I had, so I never thought that so many ppl would even see it TvT 

As thanks, here is a washitape drawing of Yura:

Yura Washitape

Moreover, I've decided to join the SuNoFes-jam!! (which is a game jam about writing Visual Novels! I'm not a good writer, so this will be nice practice!)
I wanna write a little VN about Yura and Atia going on a date together.... I've mapped out a bit of the plot for now, but I'm going for multiple endings :3 Also I wanna give them new outfits.... Let's see what I can come up with haha

Btw I also made a Twitter. I'll prob post some game updates on there??

Well all in all, thanks again for all the plays! I hope you'll also like the spin off :3

- Kathinka

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very excited as well :3 looking forward to what a goddess’s ideal date looks like 👀 i may have to take notes, cos not everyone’s got game like Yura lmao


I never said that it's gonna be an ideal date 👀👀

Nah jk, I wanna write fluff and a bit of world-building haha So I hope u'll like it :3

i’m sure i will! Not that you need it but good luck, you gotst a lotta hard work ahead


Hi Kathinka :)

Looking forward to another story about Yura and Atia :)


Hi Anwynn,

thanks!! :33 I hope you'll like it (^v^)/