THX for 2500+ plays & German Version

Hello everyone!! First of all, thx so much for over 2500+ plays (^v^)/

As a big thank you have this extra illustration from me:

(Made with washitape and watercolors)

I never thought that sooo many people would see or even play my game OwO Tbh I was very nervous about publishing this game >.< After all this is my first game that's like openly queer/sapphic... But I'm super glad you all liked it :D

Moreover, I sat down and translated the game into German! It was kinda fun to do, but I don't think I'll ever do it again lmao.

Und an meine deutschen Leutchen: Wenn ihr irgendwelche Fehler seht (,die es zu 100% gibt), könnt ihr mir gerne Bescheid geben^^ Ich hoffe die deutsche Version ist gut verständlich :)

- Kathinka


You And Me - WIN - 132 MB
May 09, 2022
You And Me - MAC - 268 MB
May 09, 2022

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Congrats!!! :”) the game made for a really lovely playing experience and fully deserved the 2500+ plays <33 


Thank youuu (^v^)/ That's so sweet of you to say <33

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my new discord pfp ;3, congrats! (and on the 2,500+ plays too i guess… /j)


Hahaha, if you want to use it, go ahead x'D
And thank you so much lol

Cute drawing :)

That is a lot of people who have played :)


Thanks :3 And yes, that are soo many ppl @o@


This illustration is SO beautiful! I love it <3


Thank you Lumi!! U///U