Latin American Spanish Translation + general update!

Hello everyone!

I just released the Latin American version of this game! It was translated by the lovely Alejandro Aguilar :D A big thank you to them for reaching out and offering me to translate this game <33

Moreover, I wish all Spanish-speaking ppl, who play this version, a lot of fun with my game :3c

Also as a sidenote: I'll probably participate in a game jam that starts this weekend! Soo if I'm able to handle my job and working on said game... you can expect a new game coming out soon :D (But no promises lmao)

- Kathinka (^v^)/


You And Me -win - Latin American 132 MB
Jun 16, 2022
You And Me - MAC - Latin American 343 MB
Jun 16, 2022

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Thanks you, i was one of the Spanish native speaker who played your game before. So a it's nice detail for us.  Can't wait to see Alejandro translation. Btw good luck in the JAM hope to see more of you Kathinka

If you want a second opinion or any help with Spanish stuff I'm here to help

PD: No estaría mal que está fuese una oportunidad para que aprendieras a hablar español como nosotros. 😁. Aprender idiomas es una bella forma de conectar con otras culturas. Saludos

Oh, I'm very happy to hear that :DD Feel free to tell me any mistakes / your opinion on the spanish version! I'd love to hear it^^
And thank you! I'm already working on the jam game, so I hope I'll be able to release it :3

Also learning Spanish does sound nice... But on the other hand, there are so many cool languages in the world; I dunno if I'll ever have time to learn them TvT