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I adore this game. I did find a glitch though. when you are checking out the cabinet and you say to stay silent if you want to push it onto her it leaves our characters portrait

I'm glad to hear that :D Also I fixed that glitch in the new version^^

Each Time I killed Olivia I just felt worse and worse up until the last death then I felt like a shitty human but when she said it didn't matter and she forgives me I actually kinda felt better


Good game, good artstyle. I found a two digit code thing and accidentally reset my game :/


Thanks!! I'm happy u liked it :D

Also I'm sry to hear that... I'm gonna take that out in my next update TvT 


I loved the game, I just wish it was longer!!!

Thanks! Maybe I'll add some more deaths one day TvT


This was a neat game. It really made me feel like I was at my job about to have a mental snap and execute my coworkers.

Things I liked:

  • I am a sucker for hand-drawn, sketchy, or crayon-esque art styles. As far as I can tell all of the art assets were made by the author, which is also impressive.
  • The character designs were well done and cute.

Things I disliked:

  • There was a bug where Ellen's character sprite stayed open after interacting with the bookshelf on the upper left.
  • Even though I liked them, the character models felt a little bit saucy, which in my mind didn't suit the theme or the background art of the game.

Altogether it was an okey game, nice to chew on for a little while. I didn't finish it in my video because I ended up recording it late in the evening, but I look forward to seeing the end in my free time. Good job and best of luck on your future endeavors.


Thanks for the LP :D

I'm glad you liked the artstyle and designs of the game!! (Tho I have no idea what you meant with "saucy") I also really love that kind of style, so I'm happy to hear that I implemented that well!

Yeah, I'm gonna fix that bug soon... Kinda oversaw that TvT

Also, if you wanna know what to do for the other endings... I uploaded a walkthrough :)


It was good

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good job! i love them! :D

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This is such a great game! Good Job, I love it!! :D

Why can't I get other endings on the website version of the game?

I uploaded a walkthrough if you need to look up the other endings^^

If you play with mouse/finger, you need to click at the direct "spot" to trigger certain events... So try clicking around for a bit :o


woah, this was a great game ngl, i really liked it! also, i forgot to comment, sorry. i just went to your page and saw the game again so decide to comment :)

Haha thank you!! I'm glad you told me that u liked it^^

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Great game! So interesting finding ways to kill her!


Mds, que jogo bom!

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Great Game i loved all the ending's tho, even if its just i game i felt guilt after killing the clone SO MANY TIMESSSS.


I'm glad to hear that :D 

Tho I totally feel you... I also felt kinda bad for writing all these scenes TvT


Thanks for replying Kathinka! Your probably the only creator i've seen that reply's to almost all comments!


Haha thx x'D I just love talking to ppl who played my game & I appreciate every comment QvQ

Thats Sweet! Cant Wait To Play More Of Your Games Have A Fantastical Day!


oh my god!! i loved this so much, it was so interesting going through all the endings!! such a great story!<3

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Thoroughly enjoyed playing through Good Job!. Acquiring all of the endings was a satisfying feat, along with dialogue changes through each time you re-enter the game is awesome! ^o^ Good Job Kathinka! (Edited: "feat" was previously "feet".)




Thanks for pointing that out! :)


I was pleasantly surprised to see you play my game :D Though I'm very happy to hear that you liked it! Also nice title drop lmao

Regarding the question in the end of "How/Why did Ellen kill the real Olivia"... Well, that was more of an accident if anything... But I'll def try to show the answer if I ever remake this game :^)


take a follow you deserve it



It's the least I can do, you deserve more :)

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hey Kathinka how do i get the truth ending on your Good Job rpg maker game like i got all 7 death endings but now i need one truth ending

Just start the game again. The true ending starts automatically if you have all 7 Dead Ends 

Also, please post your comment on your own and not as a reply to someone else... It makes it easier for me to find it :)


I'd vote for this if I could 




Hey Kathinka,

The moment I finished playing it, I wanted to get the playthrough out as soon as possible just so I could let you know how much I loved this game.

It was absolutely painful having to go through each ending in my efforts to save Olivia. Though it was obvious how both characters had some history together, I never expected the ending to hit so hard.

I loved it, and I can't wait to see what else you come up with next. I saw one of your previous games has washi tape-inspired graphics, so I'll definitely be checking that out soon once I have the time.

Meanwhile, I hope you like the playthrough. Once again, I'm looking forward to what you come up with next!

Warm regards,


Hi Lionel! I'm sorry for the late reply, I but finally had time to watch your LP! :D

And first of all: Damn, your voice acting was sooo good!! So I really enjoyed watching you play mygame! :3

Tho I am sorry for making you kill Olivia all these times... Especially since you seemed to like her TvT I was also surprised by how you called the twist (Olivia liking Ellen) so early in the beginning! That was the first time I saw that x'D (But the cup was actually a gift from Ellen to the human!Olivia... Android!Olivia just liked using it)

Moreover, I hope you'll enjoy my other game, too! Don't worry, that game is way more wholesome haha

- Kathinka (^v^)/


I'm so glad you enjoyed watching my LP!

But yeah, I've tried out You and Me, and it was just as wholesome as Good Job was. It's not really a secret that I love Shoujo Ai, and both of them hit the right spots 💕




I think im gonna get the full ending (true ending) omg




Hahahaha what a journey x'DD Tho I'm happy for you that you got it!!!! (๑˃ ᵕ ˂๑)⁾ Congrats!!

I hoped you liked it lmao

yes oml I love this game sm!!!! I had some sketches of olivia and her so called "Partner" but I lost them >:(

Ohh I'm super glad to hear that!!! :DD If you ever find them again, fell free to show me :3

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wait really wow omg ur lucky im proud


i got true end to JUYSWJHNYSTXhdwgn



WONDERFUL game, took me a bit to get the endings, but it was great! this is a bit of a spoiler but to anyone stuck here are how to get the endings though i dont know the numbers so im just listing them as random ones.

1. scissors in your desk, stab her

2. scissors, then interact with package, hit her with shelf

3. grab sharpener on desk, interact with umbrella, stab her

4. shelf on top left wall, crush her

5. interact with shelf on right back wall, hit her with door

6. interact with closet and grab deodorant, grab lighter in top right desk, light her on fire

7. wake up and weird things happen, go to office, choke her

8. go to work once more, and let the story play out! true ending.

LOVED the game, it was so good so good job. those are the endings for anyone stuck like i was, wish i had a little help haha. have fun and enjoy the game, it really is great! ;)

Thank you so much! I'm very happy to hear that you liked it^^

Also thx for making this!! I'm gonna upload a walkthrough once the jam is over :D So this will be v helpful :3

no thank you for making it!! Very wonderful game.


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(edited this comment bc it sounded rlly stupid lol-) ANYHOW I LOBE UR ART STYLE!!!!

Ohh thank you!!! I hope playing this game was as fun as watching the LP!! (๑˃ ᵕ ˂๑)⁾⁾

And I'm glad you like my artstyle hehe


yes ur artstyle is so cute \-('w'-/


Amazing story!


Thanks :D

Hmmm I wonder how to get different endings... there isn't anything else I can grab

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What you already got?


Hmm I guess the hardest endings are

DE 2 -> take scissors, interact with the packet twice

DE 3 -> interact with the closet in your room, then interact with with the shelf in the upper right corner (in the office)

DE umbrella (I forgot the number lol) -> take the sharpener from your desk, interact with the umbrella

The other endings are pretty obvious I think... I you need a specific ending lemme know ^^

The harder for me, don't know why, was DE 5. The smashing head with a door one. These of the umbrella is DE 6.

Oh maybe because it was at the wall? At least that's what I'd imagine xD

And thx for the info!! I wasn't too sure on that :D

I reached the ending, thank you so much!! I was missing the package and scissor ones, the choking one, and the deodorant one :D


When I think of time loops, I think of the other game called sleeping coffin too! but interesting enough this game has similar character idea but also not really. Pretty well done.


I finally got to play this game, and I really enjoyed it! It reminded me a lot of "Sofia?" and "Confess My Love", and the soundtrack gave me some serious "Stranger Things" vibes. I really liked the artwork and the story, as well as the explanation for the time-loop, and for your co-worker's attitude towards you killing her over and over again. I'm definitely looking forward to Kathinka's next game, because I honestly enjoy her games.


Thank you so much for your kind feedback :D I'm very happy to hear that you liked this game, too!!

I know Sofia? (which is a v good game), but I've never heard of Confess Your Love... Is that a game on itchio?


"Confess My Love" is a free game on Steam. I'm not going to spoil anything major about it, so I'm just going to say that it is a really good game, that it is not what it initially seems to be, and that you should play it when you're able. It is another game where you have to get all of the other endings to get the true ending, and it doesn't take long to beat the game, although you may need a guide to get all of the endings. 


Oh wait, I do know this game!!!

I think I've watched an LP a long time ago (no idea from who tho), because I waa thinking of that game while making this... But I just couldn't remember what it's called TvT

So thanks for telling me, I'll def replay that game once I have the time :3




Just uploaded this game to my channel. I liked it a lot. The style is awesome. Its basic but yet so good. I highly recommend trying it! Here's my video if interested in watching...Also, i put your game and page link in my description


This is really good, down to the music, I loved this game before I opened it. The style, though black and white, really works with the game. Such a great job in making it! I'm eager to play more of your games!


Thank you so much for your LP!! It was super fun to watch! Your reactions to the events happening are very entertaining UvU (Moreover I really appreciate you pointing out all the bugs! I'm gonna fix them tomorrow!)

Also, I'm very happy to hear that you like my art style <3 Always super cool to hear!

The fact that you also opened the game after the true end... Actually, I did want to put a lil epilog there, but I didn't have the time TvT Totally gonna write that soon haha


AAAHHHH I LOVE IT. that was so dark compared to your last adventure i love it. Very macabre. i liked the time loop explanation, very reminiscent of Sophia? by Hatoge. Great Job once again dudette :3


Ahhhh thank you!!!!! It was not only darker, but also edgier haha... I felt like such an edgelord writing this XD

And now that you mention it, you're right!! I haven't played Sofia? in so long, I forgot about the time-loop aspect xD I was too traumatized by the corpse-pit lmaoo

ooooooof the corpse pit. Bad memory but a good band name lol. But yeah corpse pit or no i think you were extremely successful in the edge department for this one. i felt extremely disconcerted by the subject matter and imagery. Despite their simplicity the death scenes and their descriptions were super gruesome, yet the art was still super cute. It just felt WRONG, like they shouldn’t work together but they totally did ;3 so Game Jam successful 


Once again Kathinka, you have done it! Another great game with beautiful characters design and a plot twist at the end that made me feel some type of way, almost crying at Olivia's dialogue in the true ending. 

Also, this game could have a prequel concentrating in both characters and their relationship, why Olivia wanted to reach THAT goal. It could be interesting tbh.


Thank you very much! I'm super glad to see that you liked this game :D
Olivia's a chara, that's kinda naive and well-meaning, but her dependence on Ellen is v unhealthy... Both are flawed charas (and I feel like I couldn't show that as well here... I had to rush the ending sadly TvT)

Also that would be interesting, but I don't think I'll ever do a prequel to this game (because this game is a prequel to another game idea I have lol), but I'll keep this in mind should I ever remake this game! These are really interesting things to think about^^


they are both extremely adorable and they deserve the world :')


great game, wish the idea and world was expanded more though, still, nice!

and mmmm lesbians


Yeah that's just the game jam-format :') Maybe I'll remake this game one day tho haha

And yes ofc <3



The story in this was amazing. It was a psychological horror game with heart. Keep it up!


Great game, loved the story and gameplay, didnt expect to enjoy murdering my poor coworker, created a account just to follow you!


Oh how sweet!! I'm glad you liked the murdering part! (just don't do that irl haha)


Well i played it..  

Ka i'm already become a fan of yours, your beatiful style of drawing is a great feature of all your games. Mmm this game was a gamble with all dark context. For a JAM game it's definitely a good game but (at least for me)  it's not your best work.

It didn't cacth me like "You and me" (And it's not for the murder plot or something like that. I like game like these too). Maybe an different progression of events. A more puzzeling way to make the murders, more details which cacth your attetion betweeen loops (Problaly do not go back to the main screen between loops would be a wise desition). And the true end ... had to be shocking, emotional. Reflexive IDK something which let you feel something. And the feeling who left me was "...Oh ok". 

I don't try to be rude with you. I know is a game which was develop in a pretty short amount of time, and with that in mind is a good work. As your fan i want to provide you with another kind of feedback.

PD: I am studing web development and learning HTML,CSS,JS React . Beside to work i want to use this skills to develop games... To be like you, it was the main reason for i came here because you develop a web version of your games (Hope i draw so well like you someday). I going to make a game soon, when i finish it i will show it to you 


Don't worry, you didn't come of as rude! You're allowed to have your own opinion, but I appreciate that you were so nice about it^^

I kinda agree with you though... I also think that this game is not as good as "You&Me"! Especially the ending... I rewrote the ending for Y&M several times until I was satisfied, but here I went with like the secound draft TvR

Tbh I have a lot to say on my issues with the writing of this game, but I don't wanna dump all of that on you, so I'll hold back xD

This game was mostly just me trying to write darker content, which was pretty fun! But I also felt like a huge edgelord haha

More puzzeling deaths do  sound interesting, but who knows with what I can come up x'D

The main menu between the loops was partly how I interpreted the theme of the jam & a way to highlight the "time-loop"-nature of the game^^ So I'd reather keep it in (It's fine if you didn't lime it though)

Do you have any other feedbacks for this game? :oc If I remade/patch this game I'd like to consider the things you said :3


Oh also!!! 

P.S. That's so cool!! I also had some lessons on that, but that was long ago haha

But I'd love to see your game one day :D


This game was so good, I didnt expect it to end like that at all <33

i loved it ! a GOOD JOB INDEED on your behalf ! :D i hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind my anime weirdness coming out with stupid commentary jokes :D


I'm glad that you liked it!! Don't worry, your commentary was v funny - I enjoyed it xD

Also, your theory at the end was pretty spot on ^^ Tho Ellen agreed to the immortality-thing because she wanted to help/please her lover :o


ok now i'm curious! first thing first good job this was an amazing expirience i really enjoyied it! but there's a thing that still bugs me.....what about the safe with 2 number to input on the protagonist room? 




Good on u for trying out 69 lmao

The explanation is in the comment above u :3c


Whoops I accidentally left that in!

It was my way for resetting (zurückgesetzt in german) the variables, so I could playtest the game^^


Great game, surprised the way the game went, I was really expecting some traumatic end for Ellen. Especially after everything she did, it felt like karma was not balanced out. I am surprised there are so many different ways you can kill someone in the office. I was trying to go for the window, thought that may be an answer.

Great game and cannot wait to play what you make next.


Thank you very much!! I liked your LP, too^^

Well, Ellen would definitely deserve that, but to her luck Olivia doesn't care that much lmao

And thanks, I hope you'll also like my other games ^^

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