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I love this games ending so much, i found it while i was in class and just finished playling this! Actually, I specifically made an account just because of how good the ending is, I really wanna know what happens to them in the future and stuff!

To be honest,this story relly surprised me,how did you come up with an such interesting idea,thank you for an interesting time:)

Aaaa so sad that i can't get dead end 7 since there's a bug TT

Oh no, not you too T-T Do you play on mobile or on PC? :oc

Cool game, I really liked the style. Inspiring :)

Thank you very much :3 I'm glad you liked it!

Really quaint little thang, but I felt like there were a few too many plotholes at the end. Also, it was extra disturbing to kill the poor facetious lady over and over again because her name is very important to me, so yeah kinda uncomfortable to be honest. It's a very tight experience though, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

What plot holes do you mean?

great game i really enjoyed the ending i saw you had another game that connects to this one so i cant wait to check it out!!

this game was amazing, the plot twist had me literally sitting there with my mouth open in shock

I'm happy I could surprise you >:3cc 

Thank u for playing hehe^^

(1 edit)


edit: and pls how do you get DE7? i got all six dead ends and nothing changed and i can't do anything else, i even redid them all in order and still nothing happened-

Ellen was mentioned in one line in Good Idea, yeah x'D

Oh I just noticed ur edit!! >.< I'm sry to hear that, but you don't seem to be the only one with that problem... I still couldn't figure out why this seems to happen;;

Do you play on mobile or on your PC? Also which Browser do you use?

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i play on pc and i use google chrome-- (edit - i also like the death where you slam her head into the shelf the most)


that waS crazy ending! :)


I just played the prequel yesterday, so of course I had to follow up with where it started!I am SO intrigued with these characters, they are really interesting!! I would love to see even more games in this universe. :3 Thank you for the game!


Thank you for playing!! I enjoyed watching your LP πŸ’–

Your reaction to the true end was great haha (I also really liked that you called the toxicity of their relationship out... I haven't seen a lot of LPs doing that x'D) 

I'm super happy to hear that you're invested in the characters πŸ₯ΊπŸ’– There will def be more games... I have some stuff planned for them^^

Thank you for watching~! I really feel like it's important to comment on relationships that aren't really that healthy because so many people are young or might not make those connections themselves, and just calling attention to it can start a conversation about.. hey, that probably isn't ok. Which can help connect the dots naturally in their own lives when faced with similar concepts. P: Not that androids will try and murder them but you know, sometimes we form those very toxic relationships ourselves through accident or whatever on smaller scales.

I am SO happy to hear you plan to make more games and content with them!! T_T They are soooo interesting and I'm super excited!! <3 I can't wait!

I just finished the game and it was an amazing experience. I really loved the art and the music! The narration was also great, good job Kathinka!

Thank you so much!! I'm super happy to hear that you enjoyed my game πŸ’–πŸ’– (Especially the narration since that's not my strong point haha)

Hey is the web version unfinished? I did everything and could not get Dead End 7.

Strange... I just replayed it and everything worked for me? The web-version is definitely finished!

You should be able to get DE 7 after getting DE 1-6 beforehand

I didn't, but I also just downloaded the Windows file and it starts off differently. There's none of the dialogue before she leaves her room in the web version.

Very strange indeed >.< I'm happy to hear that the Windows file worked for you, so the problem seems to be with the browser version...

Did you play on mobile or on your PC? Also which Browser did you use? :oc

PC and Firefox is what I used

This was a surreal and adorable experience! :)

Hehe thank you :3

How do i get DE 7? I already downloaded the pdf but i cant figure it out

Get all the other endings (DE 1-6)!  DE 7 unlocks automatically in the office^^


this was a lovely game,  the story was amazing and the part was so pretty!


damn this game made me feel something.

Wonderful UvU


just played through this entire game.

Genuinely a beautiful experience. I love women who reconcile death through a time loop and travel the world in a lovely gay way.

thank you for making this game.

Thank you sm for your comment! I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed this game <3

Also, the way you said that made it sound like a trope.... Do you maybe have any recommendations?? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

the only other game that I’m aware of that follows this dynamic similarly is β€œBad End Theater”. I hope that you enjoy it!

again thank you for making this.

i'm not the original commenter, but i can recommend "her tears were my light", which follows a similar dynamic and is an amazing game in general <3 !!

i did not expect tht at all THT WAS WONDERFUL :00


Omg thank you so much!!!! I'm happy you liked it πŸ’–πŸ’–

this game is one of the only games thats used the concept of timeloops in a way which confronts its affects on the player the player character and the participants, incredible stuff despite only being 20 minutes long, would love if you would take on a bigger project with some of the ideas that are hinted at here, 

Thank you so much!! i'm also pretty happy with how I implemented the timeloop mechanic -wise UvU

There is a sequel planned with a similar plot planned, but the girlies from this game won't be super important :')) 

why does the windows version not work for me :-'D

Oh why? :oc At what part doesn't it work?

the game just wouldn't open , i'd double click but nothing would happen :-'DD i ended up playing the game thru browser instead tho so its all good :D


Since I've just finished the game (and I might've not processed it) but I just wanted some clarity if Olivia is able to leave the "experiment area" (the 3 rooms-bedroom, hallway. and office-) or if they're is no actual exit to where they're held


The hallway has another exit that Ellen cannot see. So they are actually able to exit the building ^^


So like a hidden door, but I suppose it also explains how Olivia is able to clean up the office without leaving a pile of trash.

But since the office is on the third floor, does that mean the building used for the experiment was abandoned prior to the experiment 


Yes! There were also some other thing going on in this building, but now it's been pretty much abandoned ^^

Where is it?

It's not in the game

oh OK, great game though :) 

Thanks :3


Can we all apprieciate the dev commenting on older projects


I live in the comment section of all my projects<33





Best type of android!!!



(1 edit) (+1)


1st run, scissors

2nd run, deodorent and fire

3rd run, bookshelf

4th run, cupboard

5th run, umbrella

6th run Wood Plank

7th run Choke

Finally Finished!

There is a walkthrough with the solution in it^^

Tho I think you only need scissors + package 


Thanks! I just finished the game with all endings!


When i got my laptop, i instantly came to this game, i got all the endings and I LOVE THIS GAME OMGGG!!!!!! GOOD JOB HOLY FRICK


Thank you sm!!! I'm super happy that you enjoyed the game hehe


game was good! def would recommend for anyone looking for a short and interesting few minutes


Absolutely sobbing right now. Time for me to play all your other games out of curiosity now

Omg, I'm happy that you like this game so much that you wanna check out my other games πŸ’–πŸ’–

I hope you'll like them, too^^

I started Playing the one with the Streamer (forgive me I just woke up and saw that you replied) and I really like it! It's super cute and the characters are just- *Mwah!* Chef's kiss!


I love this honestly, great concept and execution. Pretty fun!


Also that artwork is *mwah*


Awww thank you so much!!! That's so sweet to hear^^


Augh I'd totally like to see more from youu :0


I have more games on my page >:3c

Otherwise I wanna release a short VN this weekend lol


I'll be watching for it >:DD


Interesting concept for a game. It would be cool to expand on this idea.

Great artwork too


The vibes are immaculate. True ending is the kind of thing I LOVE seeing in games.


Hehe, same!! (That's why I added it)


i need to give it a 9 /10, it has a short but nice story, its well made for being a browser game and after all, i like the black and white theme



Such a high rating, thanks! :D I'm happy you enjoyed it^^


Great game. I initially thought this will be a crude game inspired by flash games like 5 minutes to kill yourself or beat your boss but then I got to the last two endings and I gotta was way more than what I expected! A truly unique experience.


Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it!

It was a bit inspired by Beat Your Boss if I'm being honest x'D 

But I also prefer games, that have a story to tell, so I added that here as well :3


Incredible game! It was a unique experiencie for me. Thanks for making it!


How sweet!!! Thanks for playing!!


that was... something alright. fun though


Made an account just to comment on how much I love this game!


How sweet!! >v< Thank you for telling me!!


Loved it =)

(1 edit) (+2)

Pretty dang creepy but cute. I feel a mix of discomfort and sweetness after getting every end. Also the artstyle is pretty great!


Thank you! Creepy but Cute sounds perfect for this game UvU


This was a lot sweeter than I thought it was going to be. Great work! The art style is unbelievably gorgeous and it was a super fun premise.


Thank you!! I'm a sucker for Good Endings, so I just had to give this game a sweeter ending as True End >v< (Tho that's not difficult compared to all the other Dead Ends haha)


so we have two lesbian robots

works for me

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