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i did not expect that ending. amazing story tho!


Thank youu :>


I loved it! The game was simple tho i did get stuck on what to use the deoderant on, I relly enjoyed playing!

Theres a ligther in the cabinet where the radio is placed. Goof around and find out.


Nice story!




That's so sweet, thanks!! I'm super happy u had fun playing this!! :3c


A fun, albeit disturbing, little game. The ending was really crazy, but the art and, specially the music, were great. 

Now, is the music available somewhere?

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
Here are links to the music:

Track 17 - Leaves


THAT WAS SOOO GOOD, one thing though is that the ending was a little random but still amazing love your work. :)


"Whack your boss" anime version tho


Good Job!


Love it but damn Ellen's a monster.

Amazing design, astonishing atmosphere and incredible music.

One point of criticism is that the game doesn't explain greatly how Ellen's insanity got to the point of committing murderer, id expect a person's state of mind to go defensive after having seen a death instead of offensive, just as soldiers will come back from war with a post trauma syndrome that will make them act extremely defensively even when there is no danger. 

Absolutely astonishing keep it on.


Hahaha thank you!! And yeah, she is. 

Well, tbh I think Ellen didn't feel as disturbed by Olivia's first death because she didn't really see her as an equal... To her, Olivia was more of a prop at that time since she never really acted any differently (And Ellen did think that it was a time loop lol)

so Ellen thought of Olivia like of NPC?:>

Yess :o

yeah, truee. the ending shocked me so much, but was so interesting, im obsessed.

I'm glad u found my game interesting haha^^ Thank you :>








Loved the atmosphere. The art is too cute for the tone of the story, but that makes it more "disturbing" in a way (or at least that's how I see it haha.)
Good job! 10/10 character designs btw

Thank you!! I love games that look cute-sy at first but have a darker story... So I made this game hahaha

I'm glad u like the chara designs tho :3


really i love it,is so funny


The art is so cute! Really cool game! This may have inspired me to work on my art some more! :D


後半も無事終えたよ~!Thank you so much!


very great game!!! :D I loved the art style and the ending made me so curious about the experiments and what happens after! The story is great as well as the fake time loop concept I loved it ^^ 

The two characters when at the end seem so precious together even though one "killed" the other a bunch lul


Aww thank you so much for your kind words :D Even if the two had their difficulties, they'll get along better now x'D 

And I wanna focus on other experiments in my next games... Tho no idea when I'll have the time for that TvT

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Of course you deserve them you did very very well making it! ^w^ And I'm sure they will luls XD

That would be so so cool!! and dw I can relate lol game dev is very very time consuming and its hard to find time to spend that much time><


Just found this game and I absolutely love it. The art and music is so fun and nice. Amazing job


Thank youu :DD I'm glad you liked it :3


めっちゃ、大好きなゲームです♥️I really love this game, and played it again and again\(^o^)/Although it took a long time, I finally made a video in Japanese! Thank you so much for such a great game!

Ohhh thank you for playing!!! <333 I'm glad you liked it!! Your voice sounds so cute!! :3 

I love seeing live-translations, because that's how I started getting into RPG Maker QvQ



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this was a nice little game
i've said this for a lot of games with good endings where everything is wrapped up like Cry of Fear, Ace Combat 7, 5, Zero, etc... but i would love to see a sequel even though there's no real way for it to continue.

overall good job

Lmaoo thank youu x'D I'm glad u liked it^^ (Tho I dunno the games u listed) 

I have an idea for a sequel, but I won't work on it for a while haha


I’m not exactly a fan of Yuri or any LGBTQ+ ships (please, I’m begging you, don’t attack me yet. I respect the community and all but I’m not quite a fan of those ships, so I tend to avoid them) but this game was an... exception, if you could call it that. This game was really enjoying and I don’t regret playing it, even if it does have Yuri. When I first entered the game, the first thing I thought was ‘Omg the art style is like, so cute!!’ And I mean that! It’s so cute, really. I’m sorry if this comment sounds like so strict cuz that’s how I read it while typing rn and I actually feel like changing my mind about leaving this but like I’m not so... I hope to see more of your games, if I ever come across them. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back later here with a little sketch of Ellen and Olivia. Nice game!!


It's totally fine if Yuri isn't to your taste. As long as you respect real LGBTQ+ ppl (like myself), all is good :)

Also I'm happy to hear that you liked my game and my art style :33 I hope you'll like my next games, too ૮ ₍ ⸝⸝´ ꒳ `⸝⸝ ₎ა I'd love to see ur sketch, too!


I'm still kind of reeling from that true ending and I have no idea what I should be feeling right now. It had so many twists, none of which I predicted, and was shockingly wholesome. I'm not sure I fully understand it all. 10/10.

Hahaha thank you! I hope you liked the surprise-good-ending nethertheless :) If u have any questions regarding the story, feel free to ask^^


This game is so good but it gave me the worst feeling ever. Olivia is too good for us.

Thank you and I'm sorry haha TvT That's truee


This is so adorable. I didn't expect the true end. Amazing game <3


This game is amazing, I love the art style and the story plot is really unique and the ending was a great plotwist




great game

Hello, may I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?


Yes, of course^^



pretty good game :0


I had so much fun playing this game! This is my type of style for sure! The plotwist and storyline, I love it all! :D

Ohh how sweet of you :3 Thanks for telling me :D


Omggg I love this!! This is such an interesting concept and the art styles are so cute. I would love to see a longer, fuller version of the game where they go on adventures together and slowly fall back in love with one another, this has awesome potential I think.

ahh thank you!! I'm glad you liked my game and my art style UvU 

Maybe I'll remake this game in the future :3 Tho I don't really plan on making Ellen fall in love with Olivia :o


In this game i'm a killer? ;-;


Yup uwu


this game is very cute! the gore wasn't too off-putting, and the character designs are fantastic. this could be a great Omori-esque title with some more content! other than that, 10/10 game :)

Ahhh thanks!!! I'm not really a gore artist (just drawing blood is hard enough haha) and I'm happy to hear that you liked the designs!!! U//U

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HOLD ON....was the person getting stabbed by a sharpened umbrella from ANOTHER? I just wanna know if that's a reference....


A lot of ppl came to that conclusion, but... It's not!!! TvT

It was supposed to be a Detective Conan reference! I don't remember the exact case, but so was killed with a sharpened umbrella tip lol 

(Another was a good anime tho)


Ohh... I remember a person getting stabbed in Another, so I assumed it was a reference to that. I didn't know it was common to get stabbed with an umbrella tip... !


It feels like it would be better if it were just a bit longer, a little bit more complicated. All the dead endings are quick and easy to obtain - a matter of interacting with 2 objects in the scenery, leaving not much in terms of gameplay - and the true ending felt a bit rushed. But, on the other hand, the artstyle is charming in its simplicity and it does tell an interesting story. I'd love to see a more fleshed-out version of this sometime in the future (whether it be through free updates over time or one bigger commercial release).

Thanks for your feedback! 

It's actually the first time that s/o told me that the endings were too easy x'D I was a bit surprised, but thinking about it... I think you're right 

I'll keep this in mind if I ever remake this game UvU


Very fun game, keep the good work 


oh man i love this game so much, the art is so cute!! (though the premise says otherwise but the ending.. my heart)

i also sketched olivia :)


that sketch is so cute!!


love your art style omg :o


Oh I'm so glad you liked my game (and my art UvU)

Also omg your sketch is sooo cute!!!! I love it <3

i really like it! i really wish we could have an alternate end where after we finish and know everything we can let her live and do something wholesome, like if we wait long enough or interact with her a number of times. its not really necessary but it would be a real cool bonus :)

Awww.... honestly that does sound super sweet!! I'll try to keep that idea in mind hehe

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-Made a Video (00:06 / 1st Game).

"That twist was... unexpected. A double twist for me since I didn't even see the 'yuri' tag when I downloaded the game.

Also, I just want to let the developer now that I find a few typo here and there when I play this game."


really really enjoyed the game!!! made a bit of fanart! thank you!! <33

Omg this looks so cool!! :DD Thank you!!!! <3

Amazing game! I can't restart is sadly. I finished it and want to replay it, but I cannot. Idk if anyone knows how to restart it or something-

Tell me if you know please :


I added a replay-choice in the new version! (Just download it or play normally on web)




   The art is beautiful and u can easily stay focused from the beginning to the end. The only thing that I miss in the game is the simplicity of how Ellen changes her mind in the end, it's like a switch in her head was flipped and she became a new person.
   It was really fun to play this game and I hope you keep creating new projects.
   (I also made a little speed draw of Olivia. It's not that good but I thought would be fun to show)

Thank you for playing my game!! Sadly I don't understand the LP cuz I can't speak Portuguese(I think?)... But I'm still very happy :D

I totally understand^^ Ellen finally starts seeing Olivia as an actual person, so her demeanor changes... But the change really is just too quick :')

And thanks you so much for the drawing!!! Olivia looks so precious omg!! <33

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