"To leave the room, feed the box an item. It will give you something in return."


Made for the Jame Gam #28

A sorta prequel to Good Job!

Content Warning: 

  • absurd deaths
  • occasional screen shakes and flashes 


  • 4 Dead Ends and 1 True End (One DE activates randomly!)
  • Playtime: ~ 20 min
  • ~ 1500 words

Controls- Mobile:

Touch screen with one finger - walk around/interact/confirm
Touch screen with two fingers at once - open menu /back

Controls- PC:

Arrowkeys to move
Enter to confirm
Shift to run
Esc-Key to open menu


Music:  Raine Eera
Sound Effects: Raine Eera, RPG MAKER,  Pixabay
Plugin: Jackkel Dragon (Persistent Data Plugin), SRD (Skip Title Screen Plugin)

Note for Web-Players: If the game somehow is stuck while playing, please refresh the site!

Updated 15 days ago
Published 16 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, Dark, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, RPG Maker, Short, Walking simulator


Good Idea - win.zip 78 MB
Good Idea - mac.zip 214 MB
Good Idea - win - no automatic closing.zip 78 MB

Install instructions

Note "WIN - no automatic closing" :  

After each death, the game window closes! If you don't want that to happen (because you're recording the window for example), please download this version ^^

Development log


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I really hope you can make more games for this story, both of them are so fun!

its a good prequel to "Good Job" and i would like to know how the story is going further. Good work :D

It's a great little prequel to "Good Job"! Would be interesting to find out more in future games! Thank you for your hard work :)

good job sequel pleaseeeeeeeee


Good Job Sequel in which neither Olivia nor Ellen appear 😍😍


Is she gay?


Yes of course

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That was really nice! I really liked the atmosphere, it felt like a really full experience despite how small it was. It kinda reminds me of Yume Nikki. I wasn’t able to get all the endings due to some crashes but I’m definitely gonna play the rest of your games now! I made a video of me playing it. About 5 minutes into the video a got an error that you might wanna look into. Honestly, the art and simple but effective story telling was so endearing that I didn’t mind the crashing.

https://youtu.be/jPDwsEtMwHs (Itch won’t let me embed my video so here’s a link if you wanna check it out)

Thanks for playing^^ I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the game and my artstyle :3c

The game closing on itself was intentional^^ It closes after every ending. There is a version that doesn't automatically close, but I only put that up for windows and the web-version :') The mac-builds of my games aren't downloaded super often, so I didn't think there would be any demand haha

Also if you wanna have a hint for getting one of the endings you're missing:

You need to click below the scissors :') The game is actually supposed to be played with a keyboard (arrowkeys to move, enter is for interacting and esc to get out of the box menu), so that's probably why you missed it :'))

Not Bad! by the way why cant you just add some... Hints?

What kind of hints are you thinking of?

1:If the player dont find the key- i mean Food for the box, an line will appear leading to the correct food to get past the rooms, only 3 chances

only this hint :/... ill think of another some time

Seeing that there are only three items you can put in and that all of these items disappear once you put one item into the box... I don't think that a line that tells you what the items are is necessary.

It's part of the gameplay to interact with everything in the room - Making it too obvious would take out the fun imo^^


Account -> Settings -> Profile Pic

The pic has to be very small tho :')

btw can you please play my first game? :< pls


I wasn't expecting this story, I love it!

I'm happy to hear that :3


Wow I liked this so much!! How cute and charming! I really want to do art of the characters, I love the style. Simple and to the point but just detailed and cute. <3 The story itself is interesting; I haven't played Good Job yet so I'm excited to play that next!! Thank you for the game!


Thank you for playing my game^^ I'm happy that you liked it (enough to want to play Good Job haha) 

It was really fun to watch your LP :D Since this game has some spoilers for Good Job, I'm also looking forward to watching ur LP for that x'D





I think there's a bug with the Scissors dead ending in the web version. Every time I put the scissors in, the box explodes, and I read through the comments and it looks like it's supposed to happen randomly, not every time. Is it supposed to be like this?


I just tried it and I was able to get the ending (after two explosion endings tho :'))

Idk how long you tried to get it, but I suppose you got a bit unlucky;; Maybe try putting another item in before trying scissors again?



nvm found it


Get all four dead ends💖💖 The true end starts by itself^^


Yeah, I finally got the true ending!

But I thought I needed all four bad endings for it, not just 2, 3 and 4?

Oh so you didn't get the explosion ending?? :oc

I did originally, back before it was updated.


If it was on browser, the game remembered that you already got the ending x'D


Seems when I put the scissors inside the box, I receive this error:

Huh, I've never seen this error before... 

Are you playing on web or did you download the game?

Does this happen with the other items as well?

(1 edit)

I was playing online. Using the browser:
Iridium Version 2023.03.111.0 (Official Build) (64-bit)

And the only extention I had running on that browser is 'AutoplayStopper'.

If you happen to have installed some in-game console, I could try opening it, trigger the error again, and copy/paste the information here. (All I'd need is to know how to open that UI console.)


From what I could gather, the Iridium Browser doesn't let websites save Cookies and the likes, correct? (To secure personal data ig)

This game uses cookies to save the progress (because it tracks the Dead Ends via global variables)... So maybe that could be the reason why the access was denied. At least that would be my guess :')

Sadly I don't have an in-game console installed (actually i don't think my engine comes with one);; If you want to try sth, you could try the game in another browser of your liking and see if it works there?


the thing in the final ending got the spamton eyes


This is super cool!! At first I was super confused but after clicking over and over I got a cute and satisfying ending!! I noticed that KI55 looks like kiss which is just stinkin' adorable. Looking forward to more of ur games <333


Thank you sm for playing!! I'm glad you liked my game hehe

Also yes!!! It's meant to mimic Kiss - because KI55 has so much love to give ^3^




Then this is the right game for you hehehe >:3c




Good Idea, Good Job, feel there's another instalment with a Good in the title with a 5 lettered word in it. A nice little adventure packed in here, got some Good Ideas here! ^o^ 


My composer gave me the idea for "Good Break" haha x'D

But thank you sm for playing!! I'm sorry that you had to go through all these bugs tho :')) I fixed them by now, but still;;

Also I liked hearing ur theories/thoughts on the story^^ I'll just say that KI56 and 55 do play a certain role into the circumstances of Good Job! Hopefully I can delve deeper in that in the next games^^


This was a great little return to the 'Good Verse'. It was fun collecting all our different deaths, I think the Black Key end was my favourite. The True end added a lot of interesting aspects, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where 55 goes in the next instalment. Keep up the good work!

Thank you sm for playing (and for ur interest in my story lmao) I really enjoyed watching you play :D

I def wanna include 55 in the next game hehe >:3c


Like Oh. My. GOD!! I LUVVVVVVVVVV it that your games are always sooooooo cute with adorable art and adorable characters ( with still that spooky vibe ;3 )! Your so talented and I cant WAIT till the next awesome-cute-spooky-adorable-fun-goodstory-game!!! <33 

That's sooooo sweet????? QvQ Omg thank you sm!!!!! Hope you'll like the next few games I'm planning lmaoo


dear god all the items i put in the box keep exploding help


I'm really sorry, you're just very unlucky TvT

There is a 33% chance that the item will explode... Just keep trying until they don't!


i managed to finish the game!! loved the true ending. i think the cup was just cursed because as soon as i stopped stubbornly putting in the box over and over stuff stopped exploding jdhjdjdk   

I feel you .. I also had cases like that while playtesting 🙏 But I'm happy you enjoyed the game nonetheless:3


Another short lovely game from Kathinka herself! Good job!! (or maybe... Good idea?) Nice to see some more of the science lesbians trying to reach immortality. The whole AI ordeal reminded me to Hello Charlotte to some extend (KI 55 kinda looks like Charlotte too!!)

A bit of criticism I have on the technical part is that the true end is unreachable on the browser (after getting all of the ending you only get a blackscreen), I've see someone in the comments also complaining about that and I believe it has to do with playing in browser rather than the game itself. Also in the "no automatic closing" version of the game, it still closes itself on the axe ending, which is not that much of a burden but I thought I should add that :P

Overall, great game!! Currently waiting for the third installment of the KI-VERSE series "Good Luck!" (I'm kidding... unless 👀)


Alz, thank you so much for your review <3 I'm super happy that you enjoyed this game hehe >v<

KI 55 design is heavily inspired by Charlotte x'D I created her back when the first EP of Charlotte came out! (She's old <3)

And thank you for telling me about that bug!! I wasn't really aware of it, but now I could get rid of it >:3c (Hopefully) (At least it didn't appear again when I playtested lol)

One of the names I'm considering for the 3rd game is really "Good Luck" hahaha 
Other candidates are "Good Gracious" or "Good God", but I'll have to see what fits best x'D


finished the game and absolutely love it >:DD just got confused until i saw the comments 


I hope it wasn't too confusing haha
I'm super happy that you liked it tho!! ^^


I've been following your projects for some time now and I'm always excited when a new project comes out. It's always nice to play one of your games after a long day. Keep up the good work.


What a nice thing to read <3 Thank you sm for playing - I'm happy you enjoy my games^^


I've gotten the dead ends with the scissors, teddy bear, and cup but I don't know how to get the last dead end needed in order to get the true ending


There's a rare chance of the box "backfiring", making it explode & kill you. That's the last ending you need!


Thank you!


Any hints on how to obtain the true ending?


Get all dead ends - The true end unlocks by itself^^


I don't get it, it's just a black screen...


Really? Could be a bug;;; Maybe reloading the page helps?

I did that when I got it the first time, too. It didn't work before.

Did this happen when you put the scissors in the box?

If yes, just try to find the other endings. The game "autosaves" which endings you got^^


I love Olivia and I LOVE YOUR GAMES .. I am so interested in this storyline!!!! I love mini Olivia nom nom nom (me eating her)


Thank u so much vqrkll!!! That's so sweet!!!

Also rip mini Olivia.... She was to yummy for this world </33


WOW.JUST.WOW this is super cool olivia i looove u olivia also love seeing u continue storylines u already have (with this and As You Wish) im suuper intrigued n i can tell u have cool plans w this world >:D 


Omg charlie..... That's so sweet to hear?!?! TvT I'm glad you're interested in my charas ahhh <333

Also i agree, I love Olivia too (surprise)


I love this game, the art is so pretty. Love the sketch style
nice job!


Thank you so much!! I'm glad you liked it!


very cute art style, and i love the music as well! sad and spacey, like the feel of the game. thank you for joining the game jam!


aw thank you! I was super happy to be on board for this project :)


Thank you so much for playing!! I'm happy that you enjoyed the game (and the music!! I was super happy that Raine helped me out with that!)


so cute so cute so cute:>

and so intriguing...


She is actually legally required to be the cutest girlie ever!! (So ofc she's also intriguing hehe)

Also thank u :3