A short story about two sisters reporting to you everything new in the underworld!!


Play in fullscreen!

If you want to listen to music while playing, feel free to listen to this playlist(or something similar)

This game won't run well on mobile phones, since the screens are too small... Tablets and the likes are fine though!

I made this game as a Christmas gift for my dear friend Celeptipus:> The characters and the world belong to both of us <3

If you find any spelling mistakes, please let me know UvU

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTwine
Tags2D, Anime, Christmas, Cute, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Magic, Short, Singleplayer, Twine
Average sessionA few minutes


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Just download the file and then execute it^^

The game should start in your browser.


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Loved this






It's one of my favorite sections in this game hahahaha


Kira is quite relatable /j

Once again, I love this game! You (and Angela He) are my favorite game creator :))

I was bored and this story helped with the boredom. Thank you :DD



I mean I kinda get it.... I'd behave the same if I was in Kira's situation hahaha

And omg that's such a nice thing to hear... Thank you!! ^v^

No problem :3 

I can't wait for your next game :DDD 

Keep up the good work :P (I love your artstyle btw)



good job

very noice

super noice


Thanks :3 Glad you like it!!!


this was really fun and cute!!! :00 i love the world, amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Thank youuuu!!!! I'm glad that you enjoyed my game ☺️☺️


THIS WAS SO CUTE!! i absolutely adore selena <33 

Thank you!!! I'm also really happy that you liked Selenia hehe <33


KATHINKA.... AGAIN WITH THE AMAZING GAME AAAAHHH! ...why did i have to miss the release of this.

You're too sweet omg Q//v//Q Thank youu <3

You didn't miss anything tho! The game isn't even out for a week x'DD

Oh, YAEY Then! Cant Wait For Your Next Game Aaaaaaa <33

If everything goes well, I'll release a new game in Febuary/March :3 But we'll have to see haha <3


Good Luck Kathinka Im Looking Forward To It!


Kira's grumpiness with stella's behavior almost made me chuckle inside, really looking forward to whatever there might be with these or part of the their family.


I'm glad you enjoyed them and are interested in their family hehe :> (The fam's pretty wild tho x'D) 


OKAY I can't arrange my thoughts so let me tell my comments throughout reading this in points!! XD

- I would wear Stella's dress 100%. I would look good on it 100%.

- Kira chill gurl... watch sum cat videos or smth

- "Incredibly sexy" king??? *AHEM* may I humbly ask who might that be *coughs*


- I agree with ur friend MORE SELENIA PLS

- I wanna see cat mum .w.

- Tell your friend I am super into this lore and I love these characters :D

Overall I enjoyed it!! Looking forward to your next VN-style works :3


Ahh thank u so much for ur sweet comment <33  I'm gonna answer the same way haha

- You can have Kira's dress then <3 She doesn't want it lmaoo x'D But no fr, I'm glad u liked it TvT I googled "Lolita Christmas Dress" and kinda mixed different dresses :3 

- Yeah, Kira is this unreasonably angry amd grim kind of chara <3 

- Nooo now I'll have to draw the king hahaha (You'll prolly see him on my stories x'D) His name's Louis tho and he is one of the most obnoxious ppl ever (I love him) 

- SAME!!!! Dani is the only one with common sense in this family

- Omg my friend is already writing the script for a Sel-centered game... So you'll prolly see a game next year xDD

- Ok mom as catgirl is added to my list of things to draw 👍

-My friends feels very happy about that <33 Tho this is only the tip of the of the iceberg 

Again, thank you so much!!! I'm happy you enjoyed my game ahhhh TTvTT💖💕


I really enjoyed this game. I liked the dynamic between Stella and Kira, and the artwork was GORGEOUS!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you, Lumi :DD I feel super happy that you liked both charas and the artwork U//v//U (Literally the best compliment I could get hehe)


You're an amazing artist, Kathinka, and I love everything that you create. 


Stella is such a vibe, I loved her and Kira's banters <3

Importing pictures (and  even music, after so many attempts) in Twine is so annoying to do, lol.  I applaud you greatly for doing so haha.


Thank you :> I'm glad you enjoyed their interactions haha <3

And yesssss, uploading all these images was very tedious!! I also never figured out how to get the exact link to a MP3- file (which is why this game has no music TvT) 

But it was still fun to figure stuff out as I went, since I never worked with Twine before^^


SO FUN loved the game 

Thank you, Aster :33 I'm glad u liked it!!


Cool game! ❣️❤️

Thank you <33


You're very welcome!


Haven't play it yet cuz' im using a phone and left my laptop but I'll be baaaack! Just letting you know, they look cute hihi

Hehe thank you!! I hope you'll enjoy the game once you play it :33