Go on a date with your favorite streamer Serze and take a look at the lovely cafe you're at!

Content Warning: 

  • mentions of: Non-consensual drug use | homophobia | stalking
  • a yandere (surprise)
  • a (badly drawn) gun


  • one (1) very lovely streamer, who you're on a date with :)
  • 6 endings (1 True End, 4 Normal Endings and 1 Hidden Ending)
  • Playtime: ~  1h
  • ~ 7000 words
  • 12 CGs

Controls- Mobile:

Touch screen with one finger - walk around/interact/confirm
Touch screen with two fingers at once - open menu /back

Controls- PC:

Arrowkeys to move
Enter to confirm
Shift to run
Esc-Key to open menu

Music + Sound Effects:  RPG MAKER
Plugin:  Conditional "Show Choices" by Aloe Guvner; mjshin (Non-Combat Menu Plugin)

Note: I'd recommend downloading the game since I don't know how well the game performs on the web!! You may need to wait for a bit so that pictures can load

Also if you see any bugs/spelling mistakes, please let me know^^

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(176 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBT, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, yandere, Yuri
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Heartburn-1.1-win.zip 208 MB
Heartburn-1.1-mac.zip 344 MB
Heartburn-RussianVer.zip 110 MB

Development log


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This was so nice! Id play this all day if i had the time:]

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I can't stress enough how much I love this game and how much effort went into the art and the storyline! I played this not knowing anything so it was a great Suprise to get the true ending! I'm definitely going to be making fanart and I think this inspired me to make a game of my own

This is such a heart-warming comment, ahh!! Thank you sm for playing - I am sooo happy to hear that!!! (Especially the part about making your own game - feel free to share it if you end up releasing it!!) (Especially if it's girls love)


finished all the endings! loved this!

Ohhh, congrats!! I'm happy you liked this game!


cyoot!!!!! working on all the endings, ill let ya know when im done >:D!!


ENJOYED IT SM <33 i hope people make more games like this, YOUR ARTSTYLE IS SO CUTE! WOULD REPLAY :3

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Played this on my channel had a good time playing


I got the true ending first! :]






this is so amazing yuri always freaking win


awwwww i got true ending! that was cute (tbh i would block and move from the city the next minute i walked outta cafe lmao)

Hahaha, you're so real for that x'DD


no way! Id 100% stay with her lol


\that was the easiest getting lucky in my life lol


Got the true ending first thing...... Noice 😩🙏

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once i saw my favorite word i knew i had to download this

(the word is yandere)

Same but tied with obsessive and possessive


i just love that the first ending is getting laid XD

Ofc I had to make the first ending the best ending UvU


ofc UWU


and that is the first one i got


nice story, i wanted to be able to save right before decisions but np, overall cute story, interesting. vita as a character was a bit weird... i got the laid ending first, then got the true ending after that so i was just wondering, does she think she wont get found out ever? that sounds a bit unrealistic, but ig she would go to some lengths to make sure she wont get found, the art style was again, very unique and cute, i liked it, and although i think the story did a good job at wrapping itself up, i really want a sequel. i know its too much to ask but i really want to see vita and levia patch things up better and get together with a happy end. in short, a yandere yuri with 7 endings leaving a bit to be desired. tho pretty enjoyable. ty


I'm glad that you enjoyed that game! Interestin question tbh, but I think that Vita just... didn't think so far ahead, haha.

I do want these two to appear in another game (I have grown very fond of them!!), but I'm not too sure when that'll happen^^

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Somehow got the true ending first up- But i really love this game! I even recommended it to my sister, its that good!

I saw the metion of yandere and I was who I was just sitting here and then when the tattoo came out it hit me, bro 

My girl is just a bit silly like that... I mean, getting the same tattoo as your crush is totally normal <33


Muito bom, eu amei:3


i loved this sm!!


This game was so excellent with such cute art!!

Aww, thank you!! >v<


This is great. The music goes very well with it


It took me so long to get all the ends (including the hidden ending), but it was worth it all. I LOOOOVE this game so much and I fell in love with the characters!!!! 🩷


Haha, good job on getting the hidden ending!! I'm super happy to hear that you like the charas sm... They're my little darlings <33


This game was so fun but i kept on messing up trying to get the hidden ending but at last I finally got it c:


I got the true end and it was very sweet :D enjoyed it very much! the characters are nicely written and i adore the art


this is so cute and fun i got the one were you press you first and the answered absolutely the funny thing I'm pan and ace

This is literally the best ending in the game <33 (Tho it prolly wouldn't have worked that well on you lmaoo)


yeah but I subscribe for the delulu they we went home kissed a bunch and cuddled and went to bed


I love the art and the game :D The lore was also interesting too!

I'm super happy to hear that!!! Thank you sm for playing!! >v<

Np :D


When i saw "you" i immediately clicked.... Am i that lesbian?


It's alright, we all are so lesbian 🤝 🤝


lesbians unite 

(1 edit) (+3)

lesbian supremacy


we all are that lesbian


endings i've gotten:

"ending 4 - success"

"true ending"

fun playing a lesbian yandere that isn't, well, fetishized


I'm happy that you liked this game! :D 

Tho now I do wonder if there are fetishized lesbian yandere games... I've never seen any before, but your comment made me curious lol


hi can i upload your game on YouTube I give you full credit


This game was pretty good along with how much lore there was when trying out different endings hinting towards Serze. 


my endings in order:
1. "got laid ending" LOL...

2. true ending

then purposefully:




i ragequit tryna do the dishes sidequest thingy after despite the fact i finished, she didnt wnna talk to me

like what 

am i shrek or sm.... >:((


You gotta be nice to her broski! Say that the food be looking bussin and then you can get secret endinggg (Also gotta have good date)


I got the secret ending~~ this game is lovely too hehe. 

how do you get it?? ive been trying a bunch but cant seem to get it!!

i was following a walkthrough on YouTube haha. Try searching on YouTube.



what do i have to do to get the true ending? if you remember then please do tell T-T


Im a bit late to answer but you have to have a successful date, and check on Serze when she goes to the bathroom!!


I don't understand how to get the other endings. I only managed to get endings 1,3 and 4. Someone help me. 


It's been a while, so I can't really remember which ending corresponds with which ending haha

So I'll just write you generell ending tips

* Choose "You" when asked what you wanna eat

* Have a bad date and interact with stuff in the cafe

* Have a bad date and check on Serze in the bathroom 

* Have a good date and interact with stuff in the cafe

* Have a good date and check on Serze in the bathroom 

*Have a good date, be nice to the waitress and then go talk to the waitress :)

Hope this helps!!

how do you talk to the waitress, do you have to serve the food really fast?

After the date-part is over, you can find the waitress at the counter :)

Speed doesn't matter, but you have to get all of them right^^
Also the new food spawns at the side of the counter!

The waitress re-appears once you served all the food :3

okay, thank you-


Got laid my first ending:) then got the normal Serza dating ending, then finally the true ending now I feel like all other endings are going to make me sad.


You got the best ending first :^) 

I hope the other endings didn't make you too sad :')


Got the true ending!!!!




I absolutely love tis game! The art is so cute <3

Also, it was quite challenging, but I got all 6 endings (ending 1 is my favourite)

Aw thank you!!! I'm glad to hear that you liked this game!! :3 And that you got all of the endings! >:3c


it was a bit challenging for me to get any ending but success, but it was still fun

also ending 1 is so funny

Ending 1 is def the best ending UvU

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