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Hello everyone (^v^)/

I'm so glad I was able to finish this game on time... I didn't really work on the game on the weekends, so I had to clutch real hard these last three days TvT

I also wanna make an art book for this game /because it's fun), but who knows if I'll have the time for that... So I'll put some thoughts in this devlog!

But before I start: If you're interested in artfight, I'm participating this year, too!! Feel free to attack me, I love doing revenges lmao



So I decided pretty randomly to join this jam (pretty much only because my moot is also joining...U should go and play his game

To be completely honest, my first idea for this jam was sth entirely different (Tho it did include yanderes and resurrecting the dead)... But on a bus ride home I remembered this super old concept I had of "angry office lady killing her annoying coworker in a time loop"
So to do my past self a favor, I went with  this idea!

I didn't really change anything big about the setting, because I felt that it fit very well with the theme of this concept. 
I took "Death is a new beginning" literally and made it a game feature :3 Each death makes you replay the day... And once you've collected all Dead Ends you get the true end (which is pretty much a new beginning in Ellen's and Olivia's relationship)

The challenge of only using two colors was also very interesting! Tho I didn't end up doing pixel art, because... It's just difficult for me TvT

I do have some thoughts on the two main charas and their motivations, but... I think I wouldn't be able to stop once I start with that topic :') Also I think the most important stuff about them is already in the game UvU

As for the writing... I feel like I relied to heavily on telling the story instead of actually showing it unfold... While it is due to the time limit and my limited resources, I hope it's not too bad for a player reading this for the first time haha


And well, that's it! :D Tbh I have no idea when I'm gonna release my next game (because I also just started a new job recently haha), but it should happen sometime this year. Hopefully :D

- Kathinka

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I'm very excited to play this game! It looks really interesting.


Thanks Lumi!! I hope you'll like it :3