A short game made for the NDJ7! I had like ten days time to work on this, but tbh I probably only worked 2-3 days on this x'D 

Content Warning: 

  • occasional screen shakes and flashes 


  • 1 Ending
  • Playtime: ~ 15 min
  • ~ 2000 words

Controls- Mobile:

Touch screen with one finger - walk around/interact/confirm
Touch screen with two fingers at once - open menu /back

Controls- PC: 

Click on sth with your mouse - interact
Esc-Key to open menu

Credits: Music: Eric Matyas

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Puzzle
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAnime, Frogs, Pixel Art, Point & Click, RPG Maker, Short


Froggie Gift-win.zip 103 MB


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Freg 9/10


Kathinka that was a cute adorable Short Visual Novel RPG Maker game ever I love it❤️ 


Aw this game is nice and cute. What a  breath of fresh air it was. Loved it. 


Me who loves frogs and is the youngest girl in the family with four brothers, including one named Johan: ...Holy shi-

P.S. I'm not 4 lmao


Now that's a coincidence 👀👀 Tho I do think that the younger sister's rather 14 than 4 x'D The chibi artstyle just makes them all look super young haha


I thought he was gonna kill me-


Nooo, he may be a bit (a lot) suspicious, but he is a very nice guy!! (sometimes)


his stare though-

Same ToT

I love your pfp- 

Thank you! I love your's too

you're welcome and thanks :)


This is a very cute game with a little twist I didn't expect near the end. I love the style of it. I loved that you went for a point-and-click game as well. It works well for the format of this story. Such a wholesome story. I'm glad I got to play it and plan to play your other games soon as well!


Ohh, thank you for the LP!! It was very fun to watch :D 

Tho I do feel bad for making you read this script... All the typos are due to the fact that I wrote it at midnight haha
Also your attitude towards Abel was just perfect x'D

All in all, I'm glad to hear that you liked this game!! Thx for playing^^

Nice game!


Thank you!


Played this game myself, love that its short and very cute, saw some spelling and grammar errors here and there but other than that it was amazing. :) glad i found this cute game

No idea how I missed this, but I'm happy to see you play this game, too :D

And I'm glad you liked it!! <3

hi kathinka 

can u make a 4th game plz i enjoy them🍳

hi! Thx for your interest :3

I've started a new job this month, so I don't have as much time to make games rn... But maybe I'll be able to release sth next month! (No promises tho)



This was super cute! I really liked it. :)


Thank you! :3 That makes me happy^^

I really enjoyed this short and sweet game. I liked how it had the mechanics of both RPG Maker games and Point and Click games, and I liked the unique story and the characters, especially Abel. He had a really cool design, and I liked how laid-back he was. I also really liked the music that played throughout the game. It was nice and relaxing.


I'm super glad you liked this game! Especially the click and point-elements were kinda tricky tho >.< But I'm glad I still managed to do them xD 

Abel is also prob the chara with the most personality in this game, because I made him some years ago (and just reused him for this xD So obv he's also my fav chara of this game haha)

WOAHW!!! This is just so cute and lovely ur artstyle just works so well w ur games its awesome <3

Thank you!!! :3 I was kinda just messing around with everything while making this, but I'm glad u liked it hehe


Fan-effing-tastic ;3 i really enjoyed the simple story and style, and all of the characters are just too cute, especially Abel, with the two different colored eyes. Thx for the dope new game!


Ahh, thank youu <3333 I wrote most of the story veeery shortly before the deadline (and late night), so I was a bit worried that this just wouldn't make much sense??? x'D

Also Abel was the chara, who existed before I thought of this game (which automatically makes him my fav lol), so I'm glad you like him, too!!


Hi Kathinka :) 

Peaceful little game, I like it :) the frogs are so cute too :)


Hi Anwynn :3

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! :D I'm especially happy about the frogs, because I practiced drawing them for this game!!


You did great  :) ðŸ¸ðŸ¸ðŸ¸ðŸ¸