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nice game


This whole game was really cute! The only problem I have with it is that it was too short :( Loved the story and the art with the washi tapes :3


Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it :3

But yeah I know, it's v short TvT That's because this was more of a test for me^^


Well that was damn cute *w*


cute game =)

Thx for playing!!! I'm glad you liked it ૮ ₍ ⸝⸝´ ꒳ `⸝⸝ ₎ა

I want to pay for this


Then pay? X'D

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Maybe they do not have ways to pay 🤔


Ohhh, I see! Yeah, that could be it :oc

ah yes you see I’m broke 


Ohhh, I see!! Don't worry about money tho, I'm just happy if you enjoyed playing my game :33


Honestly, this was one of the best games I've played on here! The story was awesome and the artwork and music were awesome as well!


Aw, thank you<33

I feel really honoured that you like my game that much :3




Ahhh thank you!! I'm glad you liked the game!! (and my art u////u)


story? adorable! art? also adorable!!


This comment? lovely <3

Thank you (^^)/


Really nice custom art style and atmospheric music, great work :)


Thanks!! Finding music that fits the game was a bit hard haha UvU


Absolutely! I think its great. I am new to and making games and music on here, I appreciate how hard it is ^^

oh you make music?? That's really cool (✪o✪) I did try to make my own music once, but it just overwhelmed me lol 

Now I just use free music from the internet xD

I do I do :) My passion is videogames and making videogame music ^_^ 

Hehe I can understand that, there is a lot of great royalty free music out there online :)

i liked the game, it is good, nice music and visuals :D

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :DD


Very well written and lovely game. Great job!

Thank you!! ;D I'm glad you liked the graphics of my game!! :3


Love,especially being a lesbian.

I will dream of Atia FOREVER!!!

Also nice name,'s a nice name.


I'm glad that my game is reaching its target audience lmao

Also thank you!! I spend quite some time thinking about her name! It means ancient or gift (from God).


What a amazing way to think of a name absolute love <3

BEAUTIFUUUL!!!! <3<3<3



hehe such a cute story! i love its simplicity.

Thanks! :3 I wanted this to be a short and simple game :3


eeeek, ths characters are soo cute! i love the story and your drawings are so pretty q(≧▽≦q)

Thank youuu U//v//U I'm happy you liked it :DD

Hi guys! please support my youtube channel

P.S. Thanks for this beautiful game Devs!!! <

Thx for playing my game! :3


luv the game!!!


I spent like 10 minutes trying to find something to open the blue door and it seems like i didnt check the exact correct part of one of the bookshelves lol. excuse me for being dumb

Ohhh, it's fine don't worry! You're not the only one who struggled with that!

where is the correct part of the bookshelf is i'm also having a hard time finding it?


The bookshelf on the right... Try only clicking on the lowest part of the bookshelf :o


Aww this was so cute! Just what I needed, a short and very sweet game ^_^

Really love the distinct art-style with the different textures mixed with flat/cell-shaded characters. This reminds me of a comic on itch called "lady of the shard" by gigi d.g. and would definitely recommend if people enjoyed this.


I'm glad you liked this^^

Also thank you for the rec! I just read it and gosh... it was sooo good!! I really enjoyed it^^

So I didn't really see the tags with the lesbian, I was just looking for a short game to play, so when i saw it, it quite surprised me, I don't mind it at all I just thought it was one of those cute puzzle games with no romance or that kind of thing haha. I loved it though it very cute, wish it was longer, Loved the puzzles and the mapping is nice too.

Tbh that's very funny to me... You really got the Atia-Experience playing this game x'DD (Also since you may not know this, but the GL in the game's description means Girls Love... Just as a fun fact :D)

I'm glad though that you liked it regardless :3 Thank you for playing my game :3


yeah I knew what it meant, I just skimmed over most of the description haha. I am glad you you found it funny though

Hi Kathinka :)

Very beautiful art  and lovely story  with bit of sadness.

I love it 🥰

The pdf is very well made too 🥰


Hi Anwynn! :3

I'm glad you liked this game, too! Yes, the past is a bit sad, but their future together will be very happy :D (At least that's until I decide to do sth with them again x'D) 

I'm also glad you liked the pdf :3 I put a lot of work into it!


Indeed, their future is an happy one 🥰🥰🥰

It really do show that you put a lot of work into that pdf 😊

Long and happy life to Yura and Atia 😊😊

This was really neat! I really enjoyed it. It was really atmospheric, and I felt almost... nervous? Haha, I don't know how to explain it. I hope you make a longer game using this style, because it really was great. I loved the way the textures were used in the features of the characters as well!

Thank you! I think that finding the perfect music track to get the right atmosphere was very vital for this game :3 

I do def plan on making another game with washitape - it was a ton of fun after all! But I'd need to think of a story first x'DD


The sudden begging of the game taken me by surprise. And didn't catch me up but later, with the relaxing and beatiful music i started to enjoy the expirience. The interacction between godness Atia and the girl was pretty emotional and warm my heart. The details of the bony chest (That help to catch my attetion in the interaction inmediately) and the narrative by  the point of view of the Godness were a original and good facts. 

For a brief game i really liked it. Hope to see more of you.

Thank you for your very nice feedback :D

To be honest, I didn't know how to start the game, so I... just started writing something? x'D But I understand how that could come off as abrupt. I'll def keep this in mind for my next game!

I'm very glad to hear that you liked my game :3 I was a bit worried about how the interaction between Atia and Yura(the girl) might come off to other people. But since you liked it, I guess it's written well enough UvU

Also, the bones in her chest were a last-minute idea! But I'm glad I included it :)

This game is very sweet!
The art is really nice too 

Thank you for the compliment UvU
I'm glad you liked it!

No problemo!

I can't find the code. Is it hard or am I just dumb?

Open the menu and take a look at item -> book (The code's also in the walkthrough if you still can't find it)

But don't worry, it's a bit hard to find^^"

I really enjoyed this cute game! I love the story behind Atia! :D


Thank youu <33

I tried to include as much of her story as possible without it being too much :')


Ywww! I would be very excited to see more games like this if you do make more :DD


Ohh I def plan on making more games with washitape!! Though I don't know if I'll make a game about thiese charas again U.U

This was such a cute game! <3

I'm glad you think so <333

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I love the music and art style!!!!!!

Thank youuu!!!!!

i'm so dumb lmao idek how to give an offering

Go to the altar in the first room!

oh.... my.... Atia! I love this so much!!!

Ahh, that makes me happy UvU


I love the story and I really like how you did girl x girl and it didn't make it weird unlike other stories I have read.

Thanks! Tbh that was also kinda difficult to write because I wanted the two to kiss, but I didn't want it to come off too creepy/weird (since they never met before) :')

So I'm super glad that you liked the way I wrote them^^
(Also I dunno what stories you read but you shouldn't put them down like that :'))


Love it. Short, Sweet, and Simple.


Thank you (^v^)/


Cute game! I like the art style a lot, it’s a feast for the eyes! The music is very relaxing. I looked through the art book as well and it was interesting to see your thoughts and ideas come to life!

Honestly, I’d love to see you try your hand at making a more expanded game with the washitape graphics! As an example, I would love to see a Yume Nikki fangame made with this art style. The combination of exploring dreams plus the washitape graphics could make for a beautiful visual experience.

Overall, I had a fun time playing this! Great work!


Thank you for playing my game^^ I'm also v happy that you liked the artbook!

Maybe I'll really do another game with washitape, it was fun to make :o (Btw Idk if you know that already, but washitape is just tape made out of paper with different designs on top x'D)
Sadly, I was never really into Yume Nikki, so I don't see me making a fan game for it. But a game about exploring dreams doesn't sound too bad tbh :oc 

Also, the way you pronounced Atia in the red room was correct (I think x'D At least that's what I call her)

Thanks again for making an LP - I enjoyed watching it^^

cant figure out the code :<

Open the menu and take a look at item -> book

The number's also in the walkthrough^^


thank u >0<



Thank youuu!! <333 I'm glad you like it! ^w^


AAAHHH I love the collage-y art style it’s so cute seeing snippets of text on the walls and in YURA’s hair. This game was very fun and cozy, a little masterpiece. Thx for making it ;3

Thank you for your super sweet comment (and rating) <33 It made really happy that you like the aesthetic of this game :33 I'm also really fond of the way washitape can look (especially vintage washitape!)

Also fun fact, but the washitape in Yura's hair is one of my favorites... It's black&white and got flowers&text on it :3

No prob! The washitape looked dope. And now my uneducated arse knows what to call it, instead of just saying “the pretty letters and paper and schtuff in her hair!” 


Hahaha, it's fine^^ Part of my motivation to make this game was to spread my washitape agenda (And you've fallen right into my trap) >:3c

But like I said, I'm glad u like it UvU

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Hey Kathinkapng if you are reading This i love your cute little adorable rpg maker game the art-style was cute in all and it almost made me cry

Thank you, but please post your comment on your own next time and not as a reply to someone else's comment. I nearly missed this comment :')


a really cute little oneshot! <3

Thanks <333 Just what I was going for :3c


this is so cute <33 i love the art, so pretty 


Thank youu (ovo)/ I'm happy you like my art u//u


This game was really sweet. I found it after I saw that Foxpancakes and Hatoge, two amazing game developers I am following, had rated and reviewed it, and I am so glad that I did. The music and the designs of the environments and characters were so beautiful, and they paired together very well. I really enjoyed just walking around and interacting with the protagonist's surroundings. I also enjoyed learning about the godess and her achievements. I'm going to play "Mansion Tour" after finishing this comment, another game by Kathinka, and I am excited to see what she releases next. 


Thank you for your super sweet comment!! U////U I'm super happy to hear that you also liked the world-building and my art!
Hopefully, you'll like Mansion Tour, too UvU  It's pretty text-heavy though, so that game could take a bit, haha...

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OH WOW! I played this game and you did a great job on this!!! Just commenting that I just need one little hint of the year.

I tried investigating the year. I thought that it was written on a pillar, but it wasn't there. I tried looking in other rooms but I thought they were already clean.

I did not find any sparkles. 

Thanks! I'm glad you like it so far! 

For the year: Open the menu and take a look at item -> book.

If you still can't find it then, I'll tell u the number^^

oh i cant belive i didnt see it ^w^

It's fine, don't worry^^

Looking at the wall to get a code number wasn't that bad of an idea either! :)  I used that in one of my practise games xD

Oh then I guess that wasn't so bad :)


ajsncksdnf this was so cute!! the textures and art are amazing :D

Thank you!!! I love making washitape art because of the textures... They just add to the drawings :3

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